Only 16 comments, no real shitpost, no memes about Phreak yet, top comment is useful playlist bot, where is the world going? Fervor is pretty good since your crits hit super hard with it. I wish phreak did the runes especially lethality cause even tho I semi understand it I would love some numbers if it’s worth taking on mid assasins or graves jungle for example red ones. Did pretty well, you still do assloads of damage with your abilities. Fervor seems decent you have some AD scaling on W since auto-Q gives you an instant 6 stacks. If his other thoughts are like that you are better off going to the subreddits of the champion mains, since he clearly didn’t do his due diligence is his research before putting out these vids from what I have seen. Could be wrong tho ofc idk, i havent seen the maths for just one point.

There’s a few others, but that’s just off the top of my head. I don’t play her but I would personally take Colossus. I rather wait a better player I think it would sense because gaining AD instead of on-hit damage means it benefits abilities with AD scaling instead, yet abilities can’t be used to stack it. One of the big reasons junglers stopped taking it is the hp you got off the def keystone was more than the damage you’d get dealt by TL. Pretty big for trading too in the midlane. Some for your ability power champions, attack damage carry champions, or tank champions. I take thunderlords on lee sin while going 12 on the first tree, is this good?

At 2 or 3 points I thought of something that fits my personal playstyle better. I hate u too. TLD guarantees phhreaks successful gank and duel damage early. Mages mid game power is really important because that’s when they have a level and gold lead above everyone because they’re soaking a solo lane of exp just farming. Also how would you categorize and build mf? For some of us it’s our job to get in depth with the numbers so we don’t mind, but I doubt anyone just playing is watching more than one video.

Vi is probably similar, if you wanna carry with damage, you might not be taking colossus. Each section has its own way of helping all different kinds of champions, to giving them bonus shields or bonus damage or health. Armor pen only ignores amounts of armor, it should not be considered reduction in any way. This is also why junglers are not that good at using thunderlords other than snowball champions because junglers fall behind masteeies levels quite easily.


Colossus is too ridiculous to seaaon up right now. Worth noting that most high elo support players are still going Bandit. What I am referring to are things in the game named runes and masteries.

So I think Kench still likes Grasp over the other 2 choices in the tree. For me, the Fervor seems superior with her Q, especially combined with Phreakss Trance.


Almost all jungle camps have some amount of armor and cutting it to zero is worthwhile. Took some mixed lethality and AD runes.

I haven’t had time in the post-season but will make a very concentrated effort to get it done before the official start of season. Obviously 12 resolve is a decent option as well.

Kassadin Build Guide : Phreaks Guide to Kassadin :: League of Legends Strategy Builds

Will someone make a Screenshot of all the Mastery Pages? Newer Post Older Post Home. Some for your ability phreajs champions, attack damage carry champions, or tank champions. That seems so silly.

Each has their own unique trait that can help you in the game. So it automatically gave you an advantage invading. The small lifesteal was also a thing on the Dopa mastery video and the translation gives explaination as to why.

At least according to the wiki, haven’t played recently. Now you can get more effective armour pen late game than you used to. Don’t even get me started on the 1 point in Lifesteal.

Not mastries that, its really hard to notice its effects, unlike most of the other keystones which have a visible effect on it being used which makes it less fun to play with too.

Don’t know the numbers though. Won’t that impact your statement? Fervor seems to be good only on bruisers without reliable hard CC and Yasuo crit passive doubling effectiveness of Fervor. Could be wrong tho ofc idk, i havent seen the maths for just one point.


I copied most of them from Phreak, here’s the link: Want to add to the discussion? Yes, phrfaks made a good post pointing out that by making “Riot killed the memes” a meme, we are making sure that we always have at least maxteries meme left. So its worse for a big part of the game.

Not sure if you’re getting confused between the two masteries, but I’m pretty sure Ashes went Warlord’s in pro play just checked a random game from LCK and Sangyoon took it. Downvote if unwanted, self-deletes if score is less than 0. Not all of phrezks is good advice. Clearing is a very important aspect of the jungle and although arp gives an edge vs champions your jungle paths suffer from it which will make your advantage inconsistent vs ad runes.

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Here is one the games most knowledgeable persons when it comes to analyzing champs and what they need and how they can be used in picking all different runes and masteries for them.

Crimson raptor and ancient krug have armor so masteires still effective. Afaik almost every Zyra player taking Thunderlords because she’s like one of the best phrezks at applying it and also has a ton of burst which Thunderlords assists with.

Best esports games in History. Idk what the page itself specifically has but that could be the reasoning to forego it in the mastery tree. I still don’t understand this obsession of getting 0.

To be fair, I made a playlist too: This would be literally broken on them and I take back suggesting the idea because of it LOL. I think they even out around the level mark and from then on outscale the old armour pen. Humans are totally the best Here we have a list of all the masteries in the game these masteries selected are not for every champion.