He was sweating profusely but managed to smile all the way to the stakes. Oyenusi donned a dark long-sleeve shirt and had his hands tied behind him. One day, he handled a spiritual case that was beyond him so he had to leave the job to save his life. He went to the kitchen, set the plates and made the food they requested for appear in the plates Part 2. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! We love you Always! He swallowed a tortoise, snail and catfish; all were living in him and made him extremely powerful.

At this juncture, we kindly solicit your donation. He robbed banks and people in both daylight and night, and he never let any of his victims live to see another day, he killed them all! Interestingly, her blog is the first in Nigeria to start reviewing Nigerian and foreign movies and also write the plots scene by scene. He even sought more powers else where and killed his father. Some people neutralized his power. However, his parents did not give up on him, they went ahead to give him the best education.

In the part 3 where both Oyenusi and JB were charged to court and asked for red wine and cigarette before answering the judge.

Some of her popular stories are: Published mpvie Ogefash’s Styl. The soldiers lined in front of them and aimed their ever ready guns. Interestingly, her blog is the first in Nigeria to start reviewing Nigerian and foreign movies and also write the plots scene by scene. Eddie Ugbomah had no choice than to play the role of Oyenusi himself. Ishola Oyenusi and his gang of six were highly skilled in snatching cars, robbing banks, factories, stores and oydnusi people like chickens.


Baddo bad pass am Few minutes before he was shot, Oyenusi told journalists that he would not have ventured into armed robbery if his parents were capable of sending him to secondary school. Oge is a goal getter, a pace setter and always strives for excellence. She likes to impact and solve problems in a creative way in a oyenuis position.

The only criminal that dared to take items forcefully and no one dared to question him. Tuesday, 26 February at That was the bitter end of Ishola Oyenusi who lived by the bullets and oynusi by the bullets. He vomited the names of other members of the gang which were as follows: He was a medical doctor but a notorious criminal also. In the movie, he revealed the secrets of top Nigerian officials and military men backing Oyenusi and his gang by providing them money and weapons.

Some of the criminals yoenusi their last words of protest at the cameras. Your pleasure is our delight.

Is The Movie “OYENUSI” The Best Of Odunlade Adekola? – TV/Movies – Nigeria

Oyenusi donned a dark long-sleeve shirt and had his hands tied behind him. Ogefash has an affinity for TV reality shows. This site mogie Akismet to reduce spam. Which one of dem b baddo again but is dat y u removed my comment?

She is a seasoned writer and very passionate about her work. The execution of Doctor Ishola. Notify me of new comments via email.

Hot Movie: Oyenusi Part 3 Final Saga – Latest Yoruba Movie – TV/Movies – Nigeria

Oyenusi and other criminals were fastened to the stakes. Her unique strory telling and song teaching skills endeared her more to the kids she worked with. Oyenusi started off his robbery career by snatching a car whose owner died in the process just because his Oyenusi girlfriend needed some money. His colleague JB Muyiwa Ademola realized he had great powers and advised him that they should use fll to rob people. The only criminal that dared to free prisoners and imprisoned the police men.


However, the blog may hit a brickwall due to the upward review of the blog payment. Oyenusi came into limelight after the Nigerian civil war ended in Nature, Oyenusl, and Impact Thesis.


When they were outdoor, they did some voodoos and the wine and cigar appeared in their pocket. She has in-depth knowledge in reporting and editing.

Oyenusi did not suddenly start stealing. Oyenusi sent the streets of Lagos deserted at night. Learn how your comment data is processed. Later on, they got ashes and sprinkled on him to neutralize his power completely. The name Ishola Oyenusi will forever be remembered in the history of crime in Nigeria. On the day his father had prepared a mixture to heal a chronic thief, he ate it up and the curse transferred on his head. During his arrest, he thundered down on a police officer who was ushering him around.

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