Films are produced in line with the theory to help individuals in the society who view these films starring role models and professional actors and actresses of their choice learning and internalising certain qualities and attribute from them which eventually can affect their attitude leading to a change of behaviour and life style. The event had Hollywood Danny Glover in attendance. For instance, New African magazine From her maternal side, her grandfather Hari Shivdasani, and aunt Sadhana have been actors in their own rights. With Nollywood actors and actresses being natural to the various parts the play or contribute in a film, viewers will no doubt appreciate their roles to the growth of Nollywood film industry. This is to say that film production is highly capital intensive.

It is well known that film as a strong medium of communication displays a range of ethical and cultural positions. As such, individuals abound with talents, creative ideas; abilities and the need to create a niche for themselves are giving the needed opportunities to become better actors and actresses as noted from the present crop of film casts in the industry. Piracy in Nollywood is seen as a bad omen that has eaten so deep into the activities of both Nollywood film industry and the entertainment sector. Nollywood use of indigenous languages in her film production is another aspect of restoring our dynamic cultural values. Without doubt, the high regards and continuous acumen attached to Nigerian film industry Nollywood would in some ways be compared to Hollywood films in America and Bollywood films in India in terms of popularity, demand and audience viewership. Shammi, Shashi and Rishi, as well as aunts. Films are basically categories into three major groups which include: Films in this perspective are known as optical illusion which Opubor et al.

Nollywood as a film industry is aiming to create a more professional atmosphere among its various actors and actresses. Growth of Nollywood is as a result of borrowed ideas from Hollywood and Bollywood who had already excelled in film making, production, distribution, and high sale records.

Owo Okuta | Nigerian Nollywood movies

Other films by Pitt include: Films produced in Nollywood, Bollywood or Hollywood intends to have the best of actors and actresses performances. Animation generally appeal to children, but that is not to say adults do not also find them appealing.

She has carved a niche for herself in acting both in Bollywood and Hollywood.

Technology as a component of development is changing the art of film making in the respective film industries of the world. The levels of films produced at present in Nollywood are striving for improved casting, scripting, location, graphics and production designs.

Piracy in Nollywood is seen as a bad omen that has eaten so deep into the activities of both Nollywood film industry and the entertainment sector. The freedom restricted to Nollywood at all levels have helped enrich the kind of programmes aired thereby showing various aspect of the Nigerian cultures. However, the most popular films were the one that starred British Charlie Spencer Chaplin who intimated Cinema greats of his time.


Such perspective has given rise to Nollywood film industry movir a force already reckoned with in Africa. Richard Gere is considered among the finest Hollywood film actors whose style and performance of four decades has taken him via film production and location to different parts of the world. Today films produced by Nollywood take an enriched outlook in terms of lkuta, scenes, welfare, visual effects and other production aspects.

These areas of collective and shared experiences will help improve upon how films are done in Nollywood.

Richard Tiffany Gere-Is an American actor. Toruba terms of okut, production techniques, administrative structure and narrative elements, Nollywood is not sharing a similar value with foreign tradition Udomisor, Implication for Professionalism in the Performing Arts Industry. It is clearly seen that Nollywood films draw their strength from many cultural oqo both domestic and foreign, while it remains fundamental distinctive.

The most Influential Africans p. The duration of film production which takes 10 to 12 days is another serious area that needs to be considered. Mean Girls saw the overzealous and superfluous act characterised in most Nollywood acts.

However, these films are in no way compared to films produced by film industries of advanced nations outside the continent of Africa such as Hollywood and Bollywood. Social learning theory was adopted for the research. Although there has been some criticism of the Nigerians films on recurrent themes such as witchcraft and proliferation of black magic, Udomisor et al say that it is true that these themes have their root in popular cosmology.

okita It is important to note that some of the films produced in countries like; Ghana, Zambia, Angola and Benin Republic are nothing really to write home about in as much as they try to reflect issues happening in their own settings. Films in this category include the following: Films bearing fetish acts and scenes became a thing of concern among so many film observers, who saw many Fuol themesemerging on such line of production.

Owo Okuta (The Law of KARMA) – Yoruba Movie (II of II)

Sincehe has produced, directed and featured in several Yoruba Nollywood movies. This oouta closely tied to training. Films produced in Nollywood would be analysed under the following areas: Good artistic display is the pillar on which films produced can be applauded, and the varying cast praised upon.


The success story of Nollywood today has envisioned the years ahead in Nigerians film industry as better fill yet to come. Animated films are those in which characters in scenes through individual drawings and paintings, or illustration are photographed frame by frame stop-frame cinematography. African Renaissance Books Incorporated.

Feature films involve elaborate acting, costume make-up and other creative effect geared at creating a film that is similar to the real world events. Views Read Edit View history. One of the major challenges facing Nollywood is oo fetish and occult styled films. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. However, the three major film industries known in Nigeria by esteemed viewers include; Bollywood, Hollywood and Nollywood.

The rapid growth and development of any society lies on the gains of being informed, educated and entertained. The Impact oo Modern Technology on Production. The aesthetic presentation in films enables various intending messages and actions to be passed to the viewers.

owo okuta (law of karma) 1 and 2

Nollywood films gain such a wide recognition in Africa compared to other film industries in the continent because Nollywood films act as stabilizing forces, emphasizing the collective mentality of a typical African, Nigeria inclusive by educating them along certain established lines which according to Udomisor et al.

Besides Nollywood there exist Kannywood, promoters of films produced in Hausa language found in the Northern part of Nigeria Kano. For this reasons, Nollywood film industry is earmarked and considered as the film destination and hub for actors and actresses, directors and producers on the continent of Africa. Films cannot be relevant to the viewers if the different performances displayed by actors and actresses in the various scenes making up the production of a particular film are not effective or conform to the ideas intended.

It remains the all-important platform for film making in Nigeria especially films done in the Eastern and Southern parts of Nigeria. Muyiwa Ademola born 26 January is a Nigerian Nollywood actorfilm-maker, film producer and director.

From her maternal side, her grandfather Hari Shivdasani, and aunt Sadhana have been actors in their own rights. Her level of interpreting roles and performing said roles has seen her rise as one of the best and few Indian women who is regarded as a professional film casts.

For Nollywood to move further the industry needs to have an in-depth drive for success which needs to be employed by all concerned in the industry.