The film is about how hard it is to part with something that creates a human being and destroys it at the same time. Their faces seem to be molded from the same clay. Embodying emancipation, claiming sexual equality. An adaptation of an original solo dance work choreographed by Jessica Taylor. The audience members in every city had a chance to vote for their favourite film. Two extremely different stories are connected by symbols of sacrifice, downfall, death, rebirth, and new life. Even wolves can feel impending danger.

A bittersweet story of a relationship between a father and his son, Sam. The doctors want to examine them, but they run away, as they have to bury their ancestors. However, Lena found the date suitable. A tailor, his wife: As a result, we are watching with disbelief a documentary about a belief that constructs. In this dark fable rendered in golden, sun-kissed images, a young diver on the coast of the Adriatic in southern Italy finds another kind of natural wonder amidst the bounty of the sea: During her trial, emotions fly high and her family threads interfere so much with her passion that the day will forever be marked in her mind.

The essayistic documentary examines the context, experience and various forms of this simulated nature in a experimental way. He worked as a casting director for almost advertisements. The world presented in Fragments falls slowly apart. Beata Fido An actress taking part in theatre, film and television projects.

Combating hate speech using photos!

Florian Grolig, Germany Audience award: Everything is prepared — the whole family is to leave the country but before the escape, she decides to face her past. Seven characters explore this theme in moments of loneliness and togetherness. Lena has a husband, a child, depression and roots. Film journalist and cultural animator. Embodying emancipation, claiming sexual equality. Moreover, she was also playing in the Tv Theatre. A minimalistic story told with dance and stop motion.


Combating hate speech using photos!

Life on Cuba has many shades. Zofia and Kuba are young parents in a small town. Following her research on enhanced vision via infrared technology in modern warfare, here Vika Kirchenbauer utilises these technological means to iflm intimacy, the body and the privileged gaze of the spectator.

Learn more More Like This. A heap of rubble from buildings bombed in wartime rises like a green forested wall outside the city which Edward has refused to acknowledge for 22 years. This juicy video clip lacks only boredom. Can the couple, amidst the wild nature and under a full moon, overcome the conflict?

They cautiously circle one another, collide and collapse. Among them were narratives, documentaries, animations, videoclips, video-art and advertisements.

Participant of the masterclasses: She gazes at us profoundly. In a hospital niewidzzialni room his mother is receiving medical attention. Through an emotional and kinetic dynamic a woman embarks on a corporeal dialogue between her duties in the academic studies routine and her imagination where she gets immersed in a dimension of feelings and a surreal environment…. A story of love….

CARGO is a short, one shot dance film. I believe that we can use photography to make life better, to show the problems that exist in our world and to give the chance to realize that there is a lot of people who are waiting for our help — our movement.

Quite certain that culture is an integral part of both personal and social life. Related News No related posts. It focuses on various issues, starting with the relativity of time and space, through the matter of relationship between will and faith and ending with human misery.

And the young boy will lead them. The 2-hour programme consisted of 12 films: It is our pleasure to introduce you the winners of the Photo Competition in person and tell more about their works. She is a specialist in programming festivals and an experienced coordinator.


You will rediscover beauty of minimal Japanese dance like a strange journey. Franek is eight years old, has got rough hands and ears niewidzalni are too big. Two creatures fall in love, weaving a colourful world together. Polish Film Institute expert. Every hiding place, each inch of the city, all the marshes, all the rivers. A glass pane undergoes major physical forces — a metaphor for the omnipresent displays and signs of our time, for our onlime, linked to the screen.

Amongst shapes resembling anything from Alien monster to hot wax poured on water — a story of complicated human fates. In this observational dance film, the camera work and editing draw to the surface not only the beauty of intentional movement but also the unexpectedly archaic, ritual dimension of an ordinary training session.

Between is an attempt to describe, with body language and film language, the collision of two worlds — a stable existence immersed in stillness and about to be born, and active, creative existence, which inspires to act and makes the new, emerging existence learn the language of movement. Around puddles she dances in child like play, drifts into a fantastic inner world, unravels a magical place as her rubber boots come to life.

Ania comes out of prison on her first thirty-hour leave.