Romola Garai is rather livelier as the spirited Kate, and Charlie Hunnam makes her brother an honourable and brave, if headstrong, hero. Very frustrating that studios will sink millions into drawing crowds for trash like “Planet of the Apes”, “XXX”, “Blue Crush”, etc but almost nothing into this. And all the juice is taken out of it, to be replaced by some grand sweeps of comedy and a simple lesson that in its plainness and unsophistication would even embarrass Dickens. Eventually, Nicholas runs away with schoolmate Smike Jamie Bell , and the two set off to bring the Nickleby family back together. Stunning photography, outrageous characters and a powerful, emotional story: This is a wonderful version of the Dickens classic with an outstanding performance by Jamie Bell.

Gerard Horan Ned Cheeryble. Squeers, and Jim Broadbent is superb as her truly loving husband, the equally sadistic Wackford Squeers. Thank God, I wasn’t born a poor mite during the Victorian era! Edward Hogg Young Mr. I found the characters likable, believable and distinctly human. If you wanted to see the book dramatized, then I guess you’ll be disappointed. If Dickens were with us today, he would delight in the stock shenanigans of Michael Milken and the outrageous dysfunction of the Osbourne family. The only place for a pantomime dame is in a pantomime.

The casting is brilliant.

A faithful account of the times of one of Dickens’ most successful novels! Daisy Haggard Juliet in Play. Greetings again from the darkness. Their mother is, as subtitrta be said in genteel circles, in “reduced” circumstances.

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Reliance on both will bring happiness. Squeers, and Jim Broadbent is superb as her truly loving husband, the equally sadistic Wackford Squeers.

For me, this movie has to be one of the worst adaptations of a Dickens story ever made, and if Charles Dickens himself were to watch it from his celestial armchair, I’m quite sure he would pull out most of his celestial hair.

Yet, the film never feels rushed or telescoped as movies derived from lengthy novels so often do. Masterpiece Theaterish and Merchant Ivorish it is. Anyone who is anyone can watch Nicholas Nickleby and not cry or laugh.

I think it’s just amazing how she and Jim Broadbent made the characters seem so real. This version is shorter and appeals onlone me a lot more than the drivel shoved down my throat in the classroom at an age when I actually appreciated classic literature far more. So it is NOT the faithfully adapted verbatim snorefest it would have been. Dick Pope, director of photography cinematographer onkine England look as subtitrt as any Merchant-Ivory film I’ve seen.


The relationship with young Smike played tenderly and touchingly by Jamie Bell is what drives this particular story. The main thing that this nicklebt suffers from is that it has been condensed to an almost absurd degree. An error has occured. Others may want to take Dickens more seriously, if not quite as seriously onlinf he wanted. Above all, the film is blessed with a cast made up of first-rate performers who bring each of the author’s creations to vivid life.

It leaves one with momentary chuckles despite the overwhelming bleakness of events. You have to want all that for him, and you don’t. While not for mickleby youngest of kids, those 12 and up would probably enjoy the movie very much.

All seems well represented without being overdone or obvious. The presence of Anne Hathaway is a surprise, and her English accent is excellent!

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Dickens gives us a cross section of Victorian society–rich and poor, good and evil, nickoeby and wretched. Nicholas Nickleby The Charles Dickens story of Nicholas Nickleby, a young boy in search of a better life for his recently torn-apart family.

Director McGrath has truly captured the mores of Charles Dickens’ days! The performances that stand out, however, are from Jim Broadbent as the vicious Squeers, Juliet Stephenson as his equally unpleasant wife, Edward Fox as the dissipated lecher Sir Mulberry who turns his attentions to Madeline when he realises that Kate is not for him and Christopher Plummer as Ralph, outwardly calm and rational but inwardly cold and stony-hearted, a man who cares for nobody except himself and for nothing except his bank balance.

He sends Nicholas to Yorkshire to work as an assistant teacher in a run-down boys’ boarding school, run by a sadistic headmaster named Wackford Squeers. Eventually, Nicholas runs away with schoolmate Smike Jamie Belland the two set off to bring the Nickleby family back nick,eby.

Alan Cumming, Nathan Lane and Timothy Spall are there to provide comic relief to balance out the complex grotesquerie of the tale. This is a lesson in how to adapt a classic novel.

What matters is that the feel of the film is authentically Dickensian, and this is achieved here, not only through the recreation, in best “heritage cinema” style, of the England of the s, but also through the steadily growing sense that good will triumph over evil, that the heroes will be vindicated and that the villains will receive their just deserts.


Squeers is totally inhuman.

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Mown Hay tedg 9 May Authors like Charles Dickens understood this, and often made his heroes out to be hardworking, compassionate young men caught up in a world of evil, lies, and cruelty. There’s not a weak actor in the lot. Give yourselves a real treat and watch the RSC version instead.

He fully intended them to be ponderous, full of life-changing lessons and morals. Juliet Subittrat plays Mrs. Hugh Mitchell Boy Nicholas Nickleby.

But I, however, wanted to see Alan Cumming, so I rented it. Christopher Plummer’s avaricious miser and Jim Broadbent’s unscrupulous Wackford Squeers fillm so viciously bizarre. Oh, it was Charlie Hunnam and Tom Courtenay. The title character is the son of an impoverished country gentleman. And every background setting is well established to coincide with aubtitrat moods and spirits of the events and characters.

This version had some actors I liked Christopher Plummer, Jim Broadbent, Juliet Stevenson, Timothy Spall amongst others but their roles were not at all large enough to make this film worth watching if you happen to be a fan of any of them. This film seems like it is in a hurry to get to the closing credits, which in one sense is great because it’s not very good.

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Edward Hogg Young Mr. Yes, the story is like much of Dickens, it provides hope for those who seem to have little. Thank God, I wasn’t born a poor mite during the Victorian era!

As for supporting actors, I enjoyed them all as well, getting an extra smile from Timothy Spall and Gerald Horan and “Charles and Ned Subritrat The same can be said for Nathan Lane and Alan Cumming, who provide much-needed comic relief and whimsy. I can’t remember who it was. The only problem are the younger roles.