Once the combination is found, the engineers congratulate the player. Finneus is his uncle, and as the Conundrum Lenny knows the player has been helping Finneus with “some kind of Now it’s light, and I’ll have to go back to mopping instead of guarding this button! I think this button here is supposed to do something, but I can’t figure out what. The stars represent a hand holding three stalks of wheat – the symbol of Florin , The Farmer. Clicking these gives the player a clue.

When prompted by the player, Withers will teach him or her how to juggle three similarly sized objects. They player then returns to the Quarry and offers to show the bored JubJubs some juggling. Finneus notes that the magic at work to make these clues must be strong indeed. The Astronomy Club President won’t even talk to the player after this constellation is found, although the rest of the club is happy to see them, and the Janitor is angry that his favourite underground dance club was shut down. Take a stroll down to the local Flat Rock Quarry. The first time they do this they will also receive the Lenny – Finneus avatar as well.

It’s only a small token of our appreciation, but we hope you will find it to your liking. The archivist will tell you you can’t have the book.

Altador Plot

The Book of Ages is updated again, and Finneus suggests that maybe the history enchantment will wear off in time. He too is puzzled by the button in the Hall, and wonders if there is a book that might help altqdor.

He won’t let the player remove it unless he has something to replace it. There is no accompanying plot comic pot story for the player to read – in the context of the plot, the player themselves are the hero and the story unfolds as they solve puzzles.


The Grarrl takes the player to Punch Club, in an alleyway behind the Colosseum – and offers the player fruit punch.

Altador Plot – NeoDex: The Neopets Wiki

When it’s lined up, clicking on the marks will reveal the final constellation clue to the player. It contains quite a large number of interesting books, so there’s likely to be at least one you’ll find The rest are blank.

We’re your 1 resource for everything in regards to the Altador Plot. Examining the watermark on the certificate will give the player their next clue. Behind one of them will be some plaque-shining oil. There is in fact a book in his office – but it is being used to prop up a table leg that is plpt flat but three inches too short. Players who have completed the plot can now visit King Altador in the council chambers, who rewards them with:.

The plot begins as the player investigates the Hall of Heroes in the centre of Altador. Finneus suggests that there may be a matching pair of lines somewhere, and there is: The Altadorian Docks kin the sea front became accessible, and the player sees a pattern in the waves off the coast.

They player then returns to the Quarry and offers to show the bored JubJubs some juggling.

The bandages are found inside the Restive Tomb – which can now be entered by clicking on the wooden bar over the door. Each room of the archives contains several spell books hidden around the room, and one spell book in one ;lot the rooms contains a spell to do just that. The player must refresh at that page until a small fold of bandages appears to stick out at the bottom right hand side of the Non-Cube, then click them.


It’s a great book, really. To do this, they must jam the mechanism in the basement. The Darkest Faerie Video Game 8. Neppets this constellation turns the lights in the ceiling of the Hall off again – which angers the Janitor.

The archivist says, “What a fascinating book. Upon returning to the Hall of Heroes, and angering the forem- err, I mean janitor in the process, you’ll see that the hall is much brighter now.

The Janitor becomes angry that you drank punch without him, and at the Astronomy Club, the President won’t talk to you and mutters angrily to himself when you arrive. He resolves to search the rest of the city for any books that might help.

Neopets Altador Plot Solution and Walkthrough

The constellation qltador in the shape of a wave, and represents MarakThe Wave. He’s a little, orange, strangely familiar Yurble. Except for the cover, and then a little cover page on page 1.

I played this plot eons ago and have been away from computer for awhile King Hagan voice Fred Tatasciore You’ll get a message saying it didn’t work.

Finneus suggests they can use a spell to animate the flames on the statue, and after searching the archives, the correct spell is eventually discovered. On the 12 April, the player became able to visit the Colosseum. With that out of the way, it’s time to revisit the janitor.