I hope there are plans to have a Brett Hart cameo in this show. But don’t worry going in with too high expectations. I have to give a lot of credit to the writing, because without this show being written the way it was, there is no way it turns out as good as it does. Even if the follow-up seasons aren’t good, the first season is a real achievement and I hope everyone involved is proud of that. The characters are all well drawn with each having clear and distinct personalities. Betty Gilpin as the slightly arrogant former soap opera star is brilliant especially since she has a lot of emotional scenes.

Again hard to explain. I’m not sure if this show will be getting a season 2 but I am all on board with it. I found myself invested in every one of them. But as the show proceeded it actually turned into camera techniques to hide actors’ incompetence at wrestling. Yes, there’s a little relationship quasi-drama, but that just makes the good parts even better. I wasn’t sure about this, i just started watching on Netflix one night. Firstly, this is a show about wrestling but it is a story about the characters. He comes from a B-list, schlock horror background and only takes the job to finance his dream project, but despite being a sleaze ball with a predilection for the vices of the time, he also genuinely cares for people.

No spoilers given, just watch the damn series, you won’t regret it. The acting is also pretty good.

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This is an amazing show, every aspect about it, the script, direction, acting and everything else is perfect. Considering that they only had 10 30 minute episodes, they managed to make mraon care about all these characters and give each an arc that some shows manage to do across several season.


I could have appreciated more insight into how hard it is to be a wrestler especially taking bumps which take a toll on the body. It was also too much moose, too much make-up, and sock-less penny loafers. For instance the part in the show where Ruth and Machu Pichu were demonstrating their moves for the first time.

That is my biggest take away from this show. Part of my love for this show is the nostalgia but most of it stems for being a well-written, well-acted, engrossing show. Streamming really well done and my only complaint is that it’s a half hour show when I dtreaming the episodes could have been longer. It’s smart, funny and emotional at times.

An error has occured. This show follows out-of-work actress Ruth as she enters the newly developed world of women’s wrestling and it’s a lot of fun! It becomes hard even to pick a favorite character.

Nèg Maron – Vidéo dailymotion

Almost everything about it is as near perfect as it gets. Something that I put on when life gets stressful and I just need to disappear into my kitsch shreaming fantasy for a while. The actors seem to relish their roles. The producers get it right on so many levels, such as the fervent belief at the time that wrestling was indeed a real sport and the truth a not very well kept secret.

The show sums up the era well and properly captures the confusion and bewilderment about wrestling during that time. This show could get a 10 from me if the wresting moves were just a tiny bit more realistic.

In worst scenario, you will end in season 2 with a different point of view about the world. The writtings are fantastic.


Every actress and character brings something to the table, although with only 8 episodes each season, we won’t get as much character development as we should with the minor characters. Marc Maron, as the frustrated but deep down decent cokehead director does a fabulous job.

It has 3 very important things maton for itself: This series had me hooked from the beginning. I found myself invested in every one of them.

While Allison Brie was the only name I knew entering the show, I exited the show with many stand outs. GLOW is one of Netflix’s newest additions to their ever so growing library.

I am curious to see where this is going, but I have to say that I’m very happy that there are shows like this that try to break a little from the mold. Trupiaar 15 August Even the young hotshot male producer acts so good.

None more so than Mrs. It’s characters are all desperately seeking both love and success. Glow will not disappoint.

It follows a group streajing ladies as they take up a wresting job purely for the money. He leaves behind him a diary that reflects the meaning of Pure Life and his encounters but leaves the mystery of his own disappearance unsolved.

Maron exemplifies everything great about this show. I felt I was watching real people, as opposed to actors acting like real people and what made this possible was marno writing AND the talent. I loved the wrestler cameos which I will keep a secret.