She starts getting fond of him. Juhi, his classmate secretly has feelings for him. To know more, watch Aye Zindagi, Friday 7pm. This story of Aye Zindagi is about past regrets. According to Sonali, the proposal is ideal for Sonali rather than for Payal and she successfully convinces her parents into believing the same. Will Varsha be able to help Amruta? She decides to avenge all the pain she had to go through. Will Shruti be able to escape in time or will she get sucked deep into the muck…..

This story of Aye Zindagi is about Ranjit and his quest to win. She is currently completing her college and also assists her father, who is a tailor. Or will she fight back for her rights? This week in Aye Zindagi we are going to meet Shaurya the classic office nerd. Vikrant instantly gets attracted to Shraddha who had newly joined college. Isha always comes to his rescue and protects him from the insults. How will Gajra fight for what she believes in? Gajra refuses to fulfill their irrational needs, resulting in her break up with Bhaskar.

She promises to introduce her to a relative who runs a famous design boutique in Delhi. Will she be shunned by society? Varsha decides to confront her uncle and aunt regarding Amruta as she gets extremely concerned. 441, is a smart and intelligent girl who faces tremendous pressure from her mother to excel.

She not only excels academically but is also an active member of her college music band. Rahil, is the dude of his college. And then in one office party Shaurya the teetotaler is introduced to alcohol. Sandeep’s world comes to a stand still when he doesn’t make it through the placements for his dream company.

Nadanijaan discusses it with Bhaskar and expects him to understand her discomfort towards dowry. This episode of Aye Zindagi is about Shruti who is a naeaniyaan and carefree girl whose family is oblivious of her escapades.


They begin talking to each other through online messages and nasaniyaan no time he invites her to one of his shoots. Isha is one of the brightest students of her college.


How will she make her way out of the hell hole? Sangeetha so far has had a life, many would crave for. She spoke the truth fearlessly and was extremely smart. Gauri decides to put an end to it all.

Sonali epsiode leaves a chance to humiliate Payal but Payal always resists.

Will Shruti be able to escape in time or will she get sucked deep into the muck…. Ayesha defends him from the bullies in the school and becomes his support system. Juhi, his classmate secretly has feelings for him.

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Shaurya is hard working, sincere and a diligent boy who takes his work very seriously. This story of Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya is about giving love a second chance.

Shraddha happens to get epixode to Timmy, another boy in college. Or will she fight for her rights? Sanya nwdaniyaan to be extremely uncomfortable around Nikhil.

What follows after this is something Samir never anticipated of. In order to seek attention from her parents, Anahita hatches a plot along with her boyfriend and his friends. He decides to help his brother out. The journalists find out that her mother is a sex worker by profession.

This story of Aye Zindagi is about racial discrimination. The wedding preparations begin and both of them are all set to spend the rest of their lives with each other. Nadxniyaan know more watch Aye Zindagi, Thursday 7pm. Aye Zindagi Season 1. Isha always comes to his rescue and protects him from the insults.

As a result they continuously have fights at home which disturbs Aditi to a great extent. Will Anika live to tell her tale of treachery? She is humiliated to a point where she begins to hate her image in the mirror.


Aaina, a young Muslim fpisode from Delhi is all set to marry Safaa. Gaurav is fond of Isha and never misses an opportunity to ask her out on a date. Shanaya and Abhi are childhood sweethearts and study together in the same school.

During the audition of the annual college play, Mayoomi is offered a role by the Professor. Will Vikrant again have it his way? They are strictly against this relationship as they fear she will underperform in her studies. Their rosy days come to nadaniyawn when they get robbed of the money they have and Abhi meets with an accident. Will Shaurya be able to control himself and keep his head afloat or will he sink deep into the world of substance abuse and become an alcoholic.

Although Isha, politely declines his requests. Rahul gets shattered and cannot seem to accept going on with life without Preeti. It seems like something buried in the past has resurfaced.

But sadly he lacks confidence and suffers from self worth issues. Will Sandeep misuse his knowledge and take revenge? Gauri, daughter of a renowned school teacher, works at a beauty parlour post her college. This story of Aye Zindagi is andaniyaan Ranjit and his quest to win. They have an extremely close bond with each other despite having completely different perspectives towards life.

He realizes that Mahender is far better than Episodr and does not want his younger brother to be a quitter like him.