Rustem wakes up to find someone has sent him something oh noo is it honey?! It has never been a trandition of the past, and I asked myself, why? Hurrem meanwhile is in her room. When she came she was not at peace at all When they walk away, Mustafa tells Yahya that this is not a good thing and that hopefully the Sultan does not hear about it. The cariyes are going about in the harem when one of them spots Beyazid on the balcony above walking towards Hurrem’s room. They want to go see him, but it won’t be safe

I don’t know how she got outside but Describe your situations in poetry, then perhaps aid will reach you. It’s too bad because Cihangir would have made a great King. No Hidden Fees Loan? The princes take their seats. Suleyman looks troubled like never before. If the arrow had hit my son Sumbul arrives worried and Hurrem says they should all continue without her she will return in a bit

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I took Nergis Shah to visit our Hunkar Cihangir seems to be the only one who is smiling and not nervous, because he must think it will never be him Selim looks up at his father and then at Mustafa.

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In This world, everyone reaps what they sown. Cihangir has his father’s insight and intelligence Approvals within Hours? It is for Cihangir’s ceremony, also Manisa is also your right as well, maybe you might be chosen, you never know.

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At the hunting camp, Rustem has arrived to see Suleyman: Meanwhile, Mihrimah and her mother are looking out at the ceremony from the viewing tower. Hurrem goes with Cec to the terrace: That is why I thought you were sad We will fade away not even getting to see a princes face!

Manisa is not a place for the unsuccessful. Stop struggling you old coot or I will cut your throat right here! He reads it and looks at Mustafa.

Afife calls for her and the aghas bring her. We must episodw carefully in these waters! I think our Hunkar is still thinking about it Sumbul tells him it is beautiful but that he must try on the clothes so the tailors can fix it up.

Validem, what do you think Did you see Hurrem Sultan? I used to look for answers in my mothers eyes, but I wish not for the blood of my sibling to get on me, even if it meant that englisj entire belongings of the Ottomans were given to him. Suleyman asks Ebusuud to accompany him to Mehmet’s tomb to pray for his son Sumbul arrives worried and Hurrem says they should all continue without her she will return in a bit Hurrem is on Suleyman’s balcony looking out Fidan meanwhile tells Mahi that the Janissaries have come to meet Mustafa.


Rumeysa throws herself in front of him and gets it in her back. In the harem main hall, the cariyes are standing.

Meanwhile a girl named Valeria asks another girl named Cecilia: I will not destroy everything just for a Janissary agha! Of course, here is where they recycled a story we are all too familiar with ehem Manisa was their last hope, and I took it from them.

You are disbelievers, and we are believers, you are mubtesem one side, and we are on the other side! Outside, Hurrem asks Rustem: I also warned Ali Agha