I just watched Eden of the East and it was pretty awesome! Sasuke is being so bad ass Watching Black lagoon in english It’s like I said before: Enjoyed History’s Mightiest Disciple: I mean Chad is an annoying prick, Ishida is an annoying prick, orihime is annoying and useless , Ichigo is a tough guy who becomes an emo emotional wreck at the strangest of times His hollow form is still cool though and all of the captains except for kenpachi are inconsistent when it comes to strength and are mostly douches. Ok so I recently got Code Geass which is supposed to be amazing I wonder why thy show anime on a reality channel?

After a while the whole “get super strong, beat someone, meet someone else and suck” does get old.. It has a whole list of animes series i. You see this is why I prefer Naruto over bleach at the moment, the characters can actually die in naruto. Darker Than Black Watch this, like, right now. Yeah definitely Gurren Lagann, epic can’t even describe this show. If anyone is looking for a newish anime with a bit of ecchi to it, i recommend Sora no Otoshimono Forte. Probably to buy more time Anyone seen the latest Shipuuden?

If you watch the abridged series you’ll find out how much everyone hates her.

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I’ve been watching One Piece recently. At this rate Bleach will be back to filler in no time flat. Any one notice how It was gu good buuuuuuuuuuut Tenjou Tenge was pretty kewl.


I hope its not overated or overhyped or anything like that, my expectations of it are pretty huge too. Been rewatching School Rumble since I can’t download any anime. I wouldn’t rewatch Shipuuden, Asuma’s and Pervy Sage’s deaths made me cry like a little schoolgurl! I’m sure that plays a part somehow in your final judgement.

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Rather read the mangas which have much better pacing. Makes me feel better about myself: Unfortunately the OVAs haven’t come out in english yet.

Seriously if they made a show that just included the visoreds I would watch it. Yes, I know it’s not anim. Speaking of Naruto, i played the demo of the new Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, zomg its epicly fun.

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Been awhile since I posted here but that doesn’t mean I haven’t stopped watching anime: Ive ry watched One Piece, so we’re like in the same boat but on opposite sides With you on that one Whether that is a child, youngster or the legendary man.

The eye-brows guy explains everything in the one episode, it was just one crazy experimental show. Don’t spoil it now but Death note is by far the best storyline Moto seen in Anime.

Lol at above posts.

You havent watched Naruto? Here are some anime links Some of them have english sub and some of them romanian sub If you ask me they arsed up the main PAIN fight. Currently only watching watcyanimeon 4 big Shonen titles and not really much else during the week. And when it comes to watching you may notice there are not many advisements and it provides three different servers for online streaming.


Finished it and watched the first 2 ova’s.

If you watch each show as separate entity, it’s easier to see that one show’s weakness can be the other one’s strength. New hero has a power, he fights his first episodee, loses, trains with someone more experienced, fights again, saves the day. B is practically over already, just check the last bit in the manga.

Loved the characters and the story. Check it out its a bit different from other anime’s.

If anyone is looking for a newish anime with a bit of ecchi to it, i recommend Sora no Otoshimono Forte. I would download some myself but I don’t have the Megabytes and the Internet here is way slow. My brain is hurting Does anyone know any good mecha anime or mecha related and short about 30 episodes so it won’t blow my cap limit.