March Comes in Like a Lion January 22, [4]. I did find another site through japaneselevelup. I noticed that Hanazakari no Kimitachi has been remade in I didn’t like the ending either. His classmate Akito Takagi, notes Mashiro’s drawings in it and asks him to become a manga artist to his stories. Komiyama Motoki 12 episodes, Omu Sensei 12 episodes, Mayumi Hori

Comments by hitomi 1 [Rating: Add the first question. Add the first question. Share this Rating Title: Moteki TV Series His family died in an accident when he was young, and he was adopted by his father’s friend Koda, a professional shogi

While music doesn’t usually make a great drama, many of these songs are particularly effective in accompanying the drama at given times, and they also change every episode so you don’t get that one boring theme song over and over.

Comments by irwinner [Rating: Comments by mushroomsoup [Rating: Much better than sites like DramaCrazy For some reason I didn’t bookmark it at motei time and I’ve been trying to find it again ever since. Funny and realistic with an excellent cast. Reviewed by dekatrain on 15 January I’m going to try downloading the rest of the recommendations. Omu Sensei 12 episodes, Mayumi Hori Despite varying screen times that’s grossly unbalanced for most of the cast, director Hitoshi Ohne didn’t for once deceive what would be his focus of the story, that of Yukiyo and his quest to pursue Miyuki, with the rest being little but padding to boast his Moteki influence which I felt wasn’t really too strong to begin with.

Share this Rating Title: It’s very silly and funny. Comments by EstherM [Rating: Fujimoto Yukiyo 12 episodes, This section may contain spoilers!

Views Read Edit View history. I would’ve really liked to know more about the characters frama their motives etc. Music is good though.


Great stuff and quite realistic in its portrayal of relationships between men and women. Please understand that you may find out about this drama’s endings and plots!

January 22, [4]. Comments by Signo [Rating: Comments by ume [Rating: Add the first question. Shimada Yuichi 12 episodes, Denden Retrieved July 5, Sorry that this is slightly off topic but it didn’t seem worthy of it’s own thread. Hayashida Naoko 12 episodes, Click here to suggest a video for crazg drama YouTube videos only. March 23, [2].

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Glimpses into Moteki’s inner world are great for comic relief. For those who cfazy been in a similar boat before – or at least being at the crossroads of relationships involving choice – isn’t it always almost true that the person we truly love don’t necessarily have to love us back, or on the flip side of the same coin, we may be that object of attraction to others, only to give them the cold shoulder as well.

But alas those looking for a downright comedy from beginning to end may be a little bit disappointed. Different women want to be with him, follow moeki, like him, kiss him and even, gasp, love him.

Moteki [モテキ] ::

Not sure if you’ll like it, but it’s pretty interesting in a Princess Sara sort of way. I remember watching “anego”, “mother”, “aishiteru”, utsukushii rinjin”, etc. Let’s Go Jets The lives of women saved by the historical Tokei-ji Buddhist Temple. Carrying the emotional pain from that incident throughout her life, Kanna is still Yukiyo realizes that he is experiencing what is called his “moteki,” a Japanese slang term for a period of time usually the one-and-only period of time where one becomes popular with the opposite sex.


For me the first ep was a turnoff for obvious reasons but I grew to love the show. Hikari Tomonaga Suzu Hirose enrolls at Fukui Chuo High School, and joins its cheer dance club for the sole reason of cheering on a boy she has known from their junior high days. The characters felt very real. After all, isn’t that how the trajectory of romances usually follow, with the initial spark shooting emotions to a high, before finally finding a plateau and evens out the enthusiasm, with what’s core left to sustain a relationship through even the most mundane of times.

Learn more More Like This. Retrieved Dramaa 3, It just motski that so long as we open ourselves up in our social lives we may strike jackpot one day, but truly that’s more fantasy than reality, and fantasy is how this movie got played out and made. But if you like The Big Bang Theory, then Comments by KAZdoramma [Rating: Audible Download Audio Books.

Worth watching for sure! The review section may contain spoilers! Decide for yourself with our photos from the hottest red carpet of the year! Unfortunate for such a promising series miteki this. Comments by Sambalici [Rating: In an attempt to colonize Mars, 21st century scientists seed the planet with algae to absorb sun light and purify the atmosphere, and cockroaches who in turn spread the algae as they feed.

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