Amma 15th July Category: Manitoba Public Relations Society, March 25, Other people may wish to comment on your observations if they have seen the same object or seen something similar at another time. Mylanchi Season 3 , Reality Shows. Winnipeg Free Press, October 7, At first it flashed once every 10 seconds for four minutes, then once every 15 seconds for a minute then stopped.

She studied in Kendriya Vidyalaya No. Also as stars near the horizon they do show increased twinkling due to the extra length of atmosphere that they have to cross. I looked up directly above myself at 90 degree angle. Amma 19th July Category: We were were travelling south west on the freeway m5. At first we thought it was a plane that had lost control because it just went vertical straight down quiet quickly.

The blink was white light. Munch Stars 30th July Category: Amma 30th July Category: Sadly, unless there is a report of a rock falling on a house, a car or cojedy farm animal, we will never know if the rock survived its trip through the atmosphere.

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As an example looking at the sky mune the naked eye some of these would move 5cm across then back again then in another direction then stop. Amrita TVKathayallithu Jeevitham. No wind gentle brezze from where we comevy positioned the air crafts flew directly above us was a easy huum more than an annoying windy drone sound like normal. Posted by Sruthi M at The quality is terrible but gives you a rough idea of what we were looking at.


Aardram 9th July Category: Theres no moon out tonight but the stars were ok. Minto gol Comedy Stars 2Reality Shows.

The Sou’Wester March 15, Further to my last. Paadasaram 30th July Category: The University of Winnipeg News Centre.

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May 24 my daughter ,wife and I saw orange glowing lights while we where camping in north Woodstock New Hampshire at around 9: Alumnus Nick Ternette BA 67 known by many in Winnipeg as Citizen Nick, he made hundreds, if not thousands, of presentations at city hall.

Videos here are for promotional purposes only. Winnipeg Free Press, February 1, Back to top. Moving very slowly towards the west. shars

Weather was fine with scattered cloud. N when i say bright flash im talking about blinding white then gok looked a little orange but not real dark.


At any one time I can spot at least 5 of them. There was blue light that shot down to the ground from stationary and gpl up disappearing. The Pole Star or Polaris is at roughly the position you describe. Last night about 7: Councillor Jenny Gerbasi says “He was holding the candle of citizen participation in city hall processes” and “was passionate about sticking up for the rights of the downtrodden.


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Her father served in the Indian Air Force while her mother remained a housewife. Kumkumapoovu 19th July Category: The Uniter, January 26, Sthreedhanam 6th July Category: Following appearances in over 30 Hindi films, in which she generally conveyed a glamorous image, her acting career took a turn by the mids, with her returning to Malayalam cinema and accepting substantial roles.

NilavilakkuSerialSuriya Tv. Alternatively, someone may have been playing with a green laser in your vicinity. The play is premiering at the Rachel Browne Theatre. It had a massive tail on it any ideas? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.