So, even though the serial-killer thing has been done a thousand times and even though the set-up here is even less believable than usual, this is still an enjoyable experience. The idea of this last exercise is to isolate the group on a deserted island, so they can focus on “profiling” a killer without any help from forensics, witnesses and so forth. I didn’t know what to expect here, and maybe my low expectations were part of the reason why i found this film to be surprisingly entertaining. Also most of the actors do a pretty good job creating that “anyone-could-be-guilty”-feeling. Sara and Lucas briefly bond over losses in their families; Sara reveals that her sister was murdered and drowned, creating her persistent fear of water, while Lucas shares that his parents died when he was By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. After more clues are discovered, suspicion shifts to Sara, who insists that she’s being framed.

The acting is pretty decent, although in my opinion LL Cool J was a little too cool to be convincing some of lines really are over-the-top It is a juicy movie, so do enjoy. I hope my English is not so bad, because i am not used to write or speak English a lot. Filming and production went from January to September , yet the film was not released until in the USA. It is a superb movie. What makes this different is the victims.

A small group of FBI-serial killer experts are in a training program. The two resolve to use the scenario to confront their personal fears. Lucas reveals that he had been wearing a bulletproof vestallowing him to survive getting shot on the street.

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Nicole, suspicious that the killer is among the group, leaves to be alone, but she becomes the next to die after she smokes a cigarette laced with acid. Gabe manages to overpower Sara but is then attacked by Lucas, and the two of them get into a protracted fight. It seems it’s more or less random which of his films turn out to be crap or really quite good.


In a last desperate effort, Lucas attempts to regain his weapon, forcing Sara to kill him, shooting him through the top of the head as he bends down to retrieve his weapon.

It started out just like any other so called thriller, but in a very short time it was proved to me that it isn’t so.


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The atmosphere is well built and the suspense is thick. This page was last edited on 15 Februaryat Reasoning that the killer would not be able to resist setting the clock to the correct time, she grabs a black light to scan Gabe’s hands and reveal him as the killer. Renny Harlin was originally attached to direct the film adaptation of A Sound of Thunder based on Ray Bradbury ‘s short storybut left to helm this movie instead.

This article is about the film. A fast-paced, popcorn munching good time! Is the killer an outsider or someone from within their team?

Similar to their earlier training scenarios, Harris plans on using the town for their final exam, tracking a serial killer calling himself, “the puppeteer. Lucas confesses that his parents did not die in an accident, but that shbtitles killed them.

Mindhunters was filmed entirely in the Netherlands. Thats what my experience with that movie was, but i have to say that i did not know anything about the content of the movie, i did not see one trailer of it and i read no comment of it before watching it.


Wayne Kramer, Wayne Kramer Writer: Thriller is not right.

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I can’t understand “illegal alien51″‘s comment. However, Bobby is killed by a secondary trap when he goes subtiltes turn off the water. They awaken to discover that the killer murdered Rafe while they were unconscious, and suspicions again return to Gabe. Legend of the Sword The Dark Tower They are FBI-agents in training to become profilers.

At first, suspicions seem to point to Gabe, as Lucas found maps and documents of the island; however, before the group finishes confronting him, they each pass out, realizing that their coffee was drugged.

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Trainees in the FBI’s psychological profiling program must put their training into practice when they discover a killer in their midst. No, the male characters are not numbered in order, so you can’t figure it out that way, nor is the killer necessarily a woman. Something goes wrong however and it seems the game has become real, a killer really is on the loose and now he’s chasing them.

Sara eventually recovers and hits Gabe over the head with a fire extinguisher. The two both manage mindhunyers recover their weapons underwater, but Sara manages to shoot Lucas first.

Retrieved September 20, But there are plenty of interesting add-ons to this Ten Little Indians clone. One of the best of its kind.