Little Sid 1 episode, Cal pleads for Matheson to kill him, but Foster, Loker and Reynolds trick Matheson into letting his guard down after a disguised Loker pretends to recount the last moments of Matheson’s wife’s life. McNeil 1 episode, The son of a family of devout Jehovah’s Witnesses is accused of killing his teacher after being caught fleeing the scene of her murder. Jay Pollack 1 episode, Tressler 1 episode, Peters 1 episode,

Dale Anslinger 1 episode, Walter Grinwis 1 episode, Moon 1 episode, Chen 1 episode, Bank Teller uncredited 1 episode, Retrieved January 20, Cal spends the holidays in Afghanistan, where he relies solely on an American expatriate to help a mission to find a pair of missing Marines.

Colette Bradley 1 episode, Blake 1 episode, Henry Strong 1 episode, Veronica Sloan 1 episode, It is a national case that pits Lightman, working for the prosecution, against his ex-wife, who is the defense attorney in the case.

The case hits home for Lightman, who learns that his daughter Emily was friends with the group of girls who attend seire college fraternity parties. Chief Jack Morrow 1 episode, US Marshal 1 episode, Fireman uncredited 1 episode, Polygrapher 1 episode, Jeremy Levine 1 episode, Foster and the psychologist of the prison seem to get romantic, as in the end of the episode he walks into Foster’s office with a bouquet of flowers.


Anna 8 episodes, Torres’ sister Ava takes a good step in her life and reconciles with her sister. Yemeni Official uncredited 1 episode, Meanwhile, a billionaire asks the team to determine if his girlfriend loves him for the right reasons and convinces Loker and Torres to take the case by the large sum of money he is offering to capitulo company.

Troy Dixon 1 episode, Gavin Howell 1 episode, Rasheed 1 episode, Miguel 1 episode, Welsh 1 episode, Vas Belanov 1 episode, Knox capituloos episode, Oscar 1 episode, Kay Norton 1 episode, Detective Don Hughes 1 episode, Ingrid 1 sdrie, Middle Aged Man uncredited 1 episode, Dhara Ashraf 1 episode, Viewing Room Guard 1 episode, Hospital Orderly uncredited 1 episode, When a female soldier accuses her platoon leader of sexual assault, Lightman is brought to Fort Meade to find out if there’s any truth to the accusation.

Harvey 1 episode, Deirdre Norton 1 episode, Lennox 1 episode, Head Mistress Jonas 1 episode,