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Meet Celebrity Correspondent Charles Myambo

Charles Myambo is an author and one of The Hype Magazine’s newest correspondents. He is also well known for being one of Amazon’s best-selling authors across multiple genres. On top of that, Charles is an accredited journalist as seen in Muck Rack, Press Reader & Flipboard to name a few. He is also a highly touted celebrity news correspondent. Additionally, Charles is an international celebrity host and interviewer who has been covered by some of the world’s biggest publications. Currently, his interviews have been covered by leading outlets such as The Hype Magazine, UK News Now, Medium, Flipboard, Press Reader and many more. Additionally, Charles is a columnist for one of Africa’s largest print newspapers, NewsDay. Celebrity interviews conducted by Charles are read by millions of Africans, especially Zimbabweans. NewsDay is distributed to almost 2 million readers every day in Zimbabwe alone. Charles also has interviews documented by other major African media such as Nigeria Abroad, Mzansi News, TMZ ng, Daily News, iHarare, ZiFM Stereo, H-Metro, The Telegraph and The Financial Gazette to name a few- one.

In recent years, Charles has also begun to show his insight as a lecturer. He had the pleasure of sharing virtual stages with names like Paul Davison, Tiffany Haddish and several other notable public figures. Having the distinguished privilege of interviewing some of the most influential and successful people on the planet is something Charles never takes for granted. He has come a long way in his job as a celebrity interviewer. Some of the notable interviews he has conducted are with Rihanna producer, Justin Bieber producer, Oprah Winfrey co-star and even some members of the Buss family. It aims to ensure interview diversity when selecting celebrity guests. He has interviewed various industry moguls and high-ranking staff from major corporations such as Forbes, Disney, Netflix, Sports Illustrated, Dream Works, Paramount Pictures, Nickelodeon, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to name a few. name a few.

Charles is also quite a scholar considering his credentials as a scientific actuarial, data analyst, and data scientist. He has also worked with some of Asia’s largest conglomerates. Some of the biggest companies he has worked for are MyFinB and Superlife World. Charles has also done extensive work with the great social audio app known as Clubhouse. Charles and his team are collectively affiliated with a large number of public figures and institutions around the world.

In his latest #1 bestseller, Charles co-authored Naleighna Kai. The book is called “Powerhouse Voices: Amazing Experiences on Clubhouse”. This book broke multiple records when first published on Amazon by topping 3 distinct bestseller categories in less than 2 hours. Naleigha Kai, a close associate of Charles, was the lead author of the book. She is an Essence and USA Today #1 bestselling author who has dominated the book industry for over 2 decades. The book’s other notable co-author was Natasha Graziano (@natashagrano) who has 11 million followers on Instagram alone. She is the world’s first motivational speaker under 40 according to Forbes magazine. Natasha’s husband, Michael Graziano also had a significant contribution to Powerhouse Voices. Michael is recognized as one of the best article writers in the world. He currently writes for Forbes magazine and Entrepreneur. Michael Graziano (@globaldegree) has over 7 million followers on Instagram.

Personal life story and mission to help charities

Currently, Charles does not generate any income for himself when interviewing celebrities or hosting celebrity events. Maybe in the future, Charles will monetize these celebrity interviews, but he’s currently just doing them for free in an effort to help engage listeners, readers, and viewers. What drives him the most is his desire to provide for others largely because of his past and how destitute he would have been had people not shown him kindness. It is well documented that he lost his biological mother and father in the following years at the age of 12 and 13 respectively. He lost his mother when he was 12 and his father when he was 13. By the age of 14, Charles had also lost his 4 grandparents. That said, Charles was fortunate to be blessed with an exceptional extended family. Her aunt and uncle were such monumental parental figures in her life. Even after losing his biological parents, he still felt loved and cherished by his remaining relatives. Charles fully recognizes that many orphans in his position have not been as fortunate as him and often become homeless and destitute. This awareness is a big part of why charity is extremely important to him. Charles plans to use his growing community of celebrity peers to help raise awareness of obscure or unknown charities, help raise money for charities, help launch charity campaigns and also motivate those less fortunate to keep fighting in life. He has a weakness for orphanages having himself been an orphan. He has donated and also served a plethora of charities/foundations over the years.

Charles began donating to charitable causes when he was 13 years old. He was saving up to 50 cents a day by choosing to walk instead of using transport when he traveled to terminals en route to his school. Every year since the age of 13, he raised more than a hundred US dollars. He gave all the money he would earn to the homeless, to charities and to church offerings. At the time, Charles was based in Zimbabwe having moved from Botswana following the untimely deaths of both his parents. His childhood was very difficult emotionally because of the loss of his parents. Having loving parents certainly helped Charles better cope with the loss of his beloved parents. His uncle whom he considers a father figure is an important factor behind Charles’ faith in God. His uncle’s enormous level of faith and integrity helped shape the man Charles is today. His aunt is also a devout believer in God and Charles adores her deeply. She helped transform him from a small, vulnerable orphan into a God-fearing strongman.

Over the years, Charles began to see more and more of God’s hand. He became an actuarial scientist, a number 1 bestselling author and a famous broadcaster, in addition to becoming an international speaker. He credits everything to his faith in Christ and has seen God provide for him many times through the kindness of close relatives, friends and, in some cases, strangers. As such, Charles desperately wants to contribute more to several charities as he once needed charity. He believes that none of his experiences were wrong and that these experiences have harnessed his passion to help provide for the needs of orphans, widows, refugees, the sick and the destitute all over the world.

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