Vaibhav, in his female avatar, meets Bhandari to discuss about his role in the daily soap. Tuzyat Jeev Rangla 3: Vaibhav tells his mother-in-law that he would return the money later to his wife. Meanwhile, Vikrant and Jhende’s planning doesn’t stop. Laxshmi requests him to not cut the supply. An actress comes into Makarand’s cabin and tells him that she is not comfortable working with her co-star Ajinkya Kumar.

Laxshmi calls Vaibhav and asks him to put water in the pots. Laxshmi tries to cheer Vaibhav up but to no avail. Vaibhav reaches Bhandari’s studio to participate in the auditions. Vaibhav returns home from Bhandari’s studio. Vaibhav gloomily tells Suhas that he failed to clear the audition for Bhandari’s new project. Vaibhav’s father-in-law calls Bhandari to know the truth. More Videos of Mazhe Pati Saubhagyavati. Laxshmi’s father consoles her and urges her to not give up hope.

Bhandari angrily asks his assistant to catch Vaibhav to get his signature. Next morning, Laxshmi’s parents come to her house to celebrate the occasion. Celebrate Love with ZEE5! Manmarziyaan Manmarziyaan is a Hindi romantic movie starring Taapseeā€¦ Romance. Vikrant Runs To Save Isha.

Prakash comes to Vaibhav’s house and suggests him to participate in a rally. Saubbhagyavati assures Bhandari that he will come to his studio tomorrow. Vaibhav’s father-in-law praises him for his acting skills. Makarand decides to call off his new project. Suhas suggests him to accept the role. Sakshi calls Epusode and asks him to immediately come to participate in the shooting of a daily soap.

Laxshmi requests Vaibhav to perform Shani Puja. Tula Pahate Re 4: Existing Premium Users, Click here to login. Suhas assumes Vaibhav to be a woman. Bhandari requests him to not leave the party immediately. Bhandari’s assistant tells him that Vaibhav did not sign the cash voucher saubhagyaavti leaving the studio.


Dpisode and his father-in-law reach Makarand’s office. Vaibhav’s father-in-law urges him to maintain his cool during the audition.

A person from electricity board tells Laxshmi that he is going to cut the electricity supply of her house as she has failed to pay the bill. Laxshmi advises him to not reveal the news with anyone.

Vaibhav, despite his best efforts, fail to impress Bhandari. He tells Laxshmi that mazx mother has gifted her the saree on the occasion of her 10th marriage anniversary.

Mazhe Pati Saubhagyavati – Episode 17 – October 16, 2015 – Best Scene

Epixode asks Laxshmi to convince Vaibhav to accept an office job to secure his future. Laxshmi tries to cheer Vaibhav up but to no avail. Tuzyat Jeev Rangla 3: He asks Vaibhav to read and sign the contract papers for his new show. Later, Laxshmi’s mother asks Vaibhav to get settled zaubhagyavati life.

Manisha suggests Laxshmi to convince Vaibhav to accept a job to secure his future. Vaibhav, in his female avatar, comes to the venue. Mazhya Navryachi Bayko 26 February Preview: Laxshmi’s father consoles her and urges her to not give up hope.

Vaibhav, disguised epiisode a woman, tells Suhas that he wishes to meet Laxshmi. Bhandari excitedly invites Vaibhav into his cabin and assumes him to be a woman. Makarand angrily asks both of them to get out from his office. Vaibhav enters his house and handovers the cash to Laxshmi.


He reminds Vaibhav that he will not be able to change his female attire once his wife saubhagyavatj home. Vaibhav’s father-in-law comforts Vaibhav and suggests him to not be worried about his career.

Mazhe Pati Saubhagyavati – Episode 97 – January 15, – Best Scene – video dailymotion

Mazhe Pati Saubhagyavati Season 1. Shanaya’s mom asks Shanaya to collect more information on Radhika so she knows about her. Vaibhav drags the scooter and walks towards the desired location. He suggests Vaibhav to accept any odd job that may come his way.

Laxshmi’s mother asks her to force Vaibhav to accept any job. Vaibhav reaches Bhandari’s studio to participate in the auditions. While reading the newspaper, Laxshmi’s father sees an advertisement of Makarand Bhandari’s new daily soap.

Vaibhav moves out of the house angrily. Lagira Jhala Ji 2: He also reminds Suhas about his financial problems. Bhandari calls Vaibhav and asks him to accept the lead role of his daily soap. Vaibhav’s scooter breaks down while going towards the shooting venue. Vaibhav, in his female avatar, tells Bhandari that he wishes to go back to his house. Vaibhav informs the makeup artists that he does not need their help for makeup. Click here to login.