Coin 4 is at the top of the steep ramp with the arrows on it, and you need need to take a bit of a detour to reach it. If you do the obvious thing and run across the ledges to the left, a big boxing glove pops out of the ground and knocks you off. Red Coins in a Bottle. Above the platform that shoots Mario to the top of the cliff where the Gold Bird is found, there is another platform. Get up to the highest part of the maze and head to the right. The theme heard in Noki Bay is performed by a wide variety of different flutes such as the Western flute and panflute, among others. Ground pound the far nail on the right three times for a 1-Up. Views Read Edit View history.

Ground pound the far nail on the right three times for a 1-Up. You can then get a few more good shots at him until he starts to climb again. Every so often Eely-Mouth retreats back into his hole and you can’t do any more dental work until he comes back out. There is a Yellow parrot flying around here, so start spraying it and it turns into a Shine. This episode’s objective is to defeat Eely-Mouth at the bottom of the bay. Your advantage is that Il Piantissimo takes the “Swim” part of the name literally and tries to actually swim the whole way.

Now do an angled wall kick to get up to the sliding ledge on the left, but you can give yourself a hover boost this time. For this one you can also to a back-flip into the wall and epksode kick just once to the ledge.

In the room where the Shine Sprite is obtained in Episode 2, Mario must spray the large urns.

In order to access Noki Bay, the player has to have collected at least twenty Shine Sprites. Doing so will cause a column episoode light to appear at the pier of Delfino Plazaand staring up into it will transport Mario to Noki Bay, similar to the method used when entering the Tower of the Wing Cap in Super Mario Coin 4 is at the top of the steep ramp with the arrows on sunshime, and you need need to take a bit of a detour to reach it.


Climb the tightrope shortcut left over from the previous episode, and epispde find Il Piantissimo on the upper ledge. Wall kick out of it but make sure you don’t amrio the last jump and end up flying over the edge.

In fact there’s a whole complex network of interconnected tunnels here, but all you get inside it are Blue and Gold coins. The biggest danger here is running out of air, keep an eye on your air supply and take a break to top it off when you get low.

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Go up two steps and follow the rope to the end, then bounce to reach a ledge E just nay the shell we’re trying to get to. Hop from there to a red ledge. Or you can just drop down to the ledge below with the puddle of water, place the springboard there are use it to bounce up to the ledge with paint on it.

Noki Bay – Noki Bay theme full version. Coin 3 is high above this ledge, so do another back-flip into the wall plus wall kick maneuver to reach it.

Was this guide helpful? This episode’s objective is to find and spray a golden bird.

Super Mario Sunshine

If you want, move the springboard back from the cliff a little way and bounce on it to a high ledge with a 1-Up, then hover down to the ledge with paint on it below. From this ledge do another double wall kick to get the top of the structure. Do a back-flip into the wall and wall kick off to get high off the ground, then hover backwards to land on the ledge. To the right facing towards the cliff of Coin 10, there is another hole in the cliff. Another way to reach this ledge is to wall kick between the narrow wooden beam and the red wall, but this is very tricky.

Next up is a pair of spinning wooden beams, which you will have encountered before. Climbing the pole will eat up precious seconds, and there’s a quicker way up to the next ledge. This episode’s objective is to collect the Red Coins in the underwater cavern.

Red Coins on the Half Shell. Hose the brown tile halfway up the side of the cliff to reveal a vertical maze. Floating above the water to the right of Blue Coin 1. Steep cliffs and sea beds are what the Nokis call home. Hop over the platforms but watch out for the fish that jump between them since they will knock you into the toxic water it they hit you. You need to get to the noji as in Episode 1 but it’s easier this times since there’s no goop now and nokl even give you a rope to reach the first ledge.


Talk to the grandfather; he doesn’t know why the water is still polluted but he’s going to reward you anyway. Retrieved from ” https: Retrieved from ” https: So instead, grab some coins from the walls or the sea eunshine to keep your air topped up.

Before completing Episode 4the water in the bay is polluted and will damage Mario if he tries to swim in it. There are exactly 50 Gold coins here so magio you want a bit of an extra challenge try to get the 50 coin 1-Up here.

This may take a few tries because it’s easy to drift out of the stream. Use the hover nozzle to gain height and use the control stick to change direction or move maario or backwards. At the bottom of the sunsshine is a large cavern where Episodes 4 and 8 take place. Hop onto a revolving green plank, then to the spinning platform next to it, timing your jump so the platform is more or less flat when you land on it.

From the start, head across the white mariio platforms underwater houses and use the trail of cheep-cheeps as your guide to the base of the cliff an old Islander will be nearby. So he gives you adiving helmet, shrinks you down and puts you into a bottle of water. Squish them and trigger the second vertical maze spray the brown tile. Directly ahead of where the player starts is a large cliff-side with many platforms leading up it.