JT was a master at that game. It was said out of sexual intemperance. SoulSophia Live Music Venue. I decided to take a bath early and prepare breakfast. Were you with her in Cape Town? We both know you want it. Zee asked who l was talking to and I told her JT.

Recent Post by Page. The pastor even prayed in tongues. Obakeng greeted Mpho and introduced himself. Calm was eventually reinstated when elders spoke to the masses. It was the same hospital that JT was admitted at before my failed wedding. Mxm she was probably raping poor Denzel. No wonder Maite is sleeping with other men inside your car. I found myself laughing internally because of those crazy thoughts in my head.

But no one episde at her mother and imagine her having sex. Maybe my mom was one of the victims. First night at home is always priceless. I decided to take a bath early and prepare breakfast. We need to make sure your stress levels are controlled or else there will be more damage.

He gave me a fright because I thought mwkhwapheni was sitting in the lounge. I knew she was stronger than me so I had to be strategic. I know you want it as much as I do. Some of them are dictated by their humble and good hearts not to draw a line that will prevent other people to cross to the other side.

Diary of a Side Chick – Makhwapheni Episode 423

Before I could open my mouth there was a gun shot and I saw a river of blood…. Go to the flat and makgwapheni to him.


When you quit people literally bring booze to your place. Obakeng punched JT so hard I felt my saliva go dry.

He was very slow and gentle. I was so wet but I could still feel nigger makhwaphenk big. He literally laughed at me. Ok Lesego we are waiting for the Next episode please ……. Recent Post by Page. Episodf was only when he sexually walked closer to me that I noticed he meant business.

He was clearly lying thru his teeth to score some points. But coming to think of it, Maite was never normal. You will pardon the oxymoron. Immediately after talking to Nerves I received a call from Thabiso.

My mom texted early in the morning to remind me about the meeting. Alexandra rats eat cats. I told him I was not interested in joining scams. My mom was like a possessed woman. I had no choice but to use what God gave me to avoid death.

Diary of a Side Chick – Makhwapheni Episode 453

I almost laughed because I knew I took everything. How often do you see fat guys crying? You have been more pregnant that I have been? My mom was a nurse but at that moment she was wearing a mother cap.

When Never-Die dropped the towel I thought he was pranking me or something. There are some people out there who lack the skill of knowing when to draw a line. Hayi they were indeed testing my alcohol abstinence. When I needed them to be there for me they treated me like a dog.

Diary of a Side Chick – Makhwapheni Episode – Lesego Maake

He asked me to go out for drinks with him. You wanna give me some pussy?


My mom told her not to speak badly of the dead. I told him to walk away from me but nigger did the opposite. Mpho asked if I was interested and I said no.

Primary Menu Skip to content. Mpho came back with drinks. We both know you want it. I asked my mom what happened and she told me what I was not expecting to hear. People were talking and laughing even while the pastor was trying makhwpheni negotiate with God to welcome Maite to heaven. She was insecure and behaved as if Obakeng was her personal property.

I can still feel the chemistry we had the first day we met. I tell her sex is not bonus but stubborn like Zulu mans nxa. But hey, a compliment is a compliment even if I knew he said that to try to get me wet underground. Bad sex does not dilute sexual drought, it makes it worse. The dreadlocks guys laughed again. I had little regret for sleeping with him but my pussy was happy there was some service delivery underground.

I think she was telling those people to leave makhwaphei they caused pain to her family.