She is portrayed as a furious lady and shown to be the new tenant for the upper portion of the house where Srujan and his family lives. This is usually done when the timeslot for the next day’s episode would be unavailable due to various reasons. He is also one of the scriptwriters of the show. Some one-hour episodes continue for the next day, making them a two-day special episodes. The episode run time would be around 90 minutes excluding the commercial slots. She is shown to be unmarried and interested in Ijila Indrajinth Lankesh.

Views Read Edit View history. However, he is scripted into the storyline portraying various characters sometimes paired with Pawan. For few episodes, the show even grabbed two secondary sponsors when the viewership was at its peak. Indian television shows Kannada-language television programs Indian television series debuts. Dayanand, however, is aware of this and shown to be protective about his daughter. The guests usually would be from an upcoming movie for its promotion through the show. Srujan Lokesh then became busy with his home production Lokesh Productions and produced different shows including Kaasige Toss and Chota Champion. Pavan has appeared in almost all the episodes portraying various characters and parodies of famous people.

She often leads the show’s band and performs for the show. The show integrated game show for the cast of Majaa Talkies and participants of Dancing Stars Season 2 and was presented in the theme of Super Minutea game show based on Minute to win it which was hosted by Ganesh srjua telecasted on the channel previously. The show had numerous sponsors from majs launch. He addresses Srujan as ‘Cobra’ and Rani as ‘Zebra’.

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She usually came out yelling about the events taking place in the house. It was earlier said in a press meet that there will be episodes in the zruja season [10] by Srujan Lokesh himself. The episode was aired on 25 and 26 April and the running time was around minutes combined.


The show ended in despite being highly appreciated by the viewers. The cast of the show includes filmmaker Indrajit Lankesh as a permanent maua judge and few veterans fhll the field of Kannada Cinema and Theatre such as Mimicry DayanandV Manohar and Mandya Ramesh.

The table below briefs about the cast and characters in detail. This article contains a list of miscellaneous information. Varalakshmi, often referred as ‘Varu’ is the elder sister of Rani and Muddesh.

The kitchen has been removed and a large window is placed in the background wall. Pavan Kumar, Rajashekhar and many other artists have no fixed character and play different characters as per the scripts. The guests usually would be from an upcoming movie for its promotion ffull the show. He is shown to be always in search of a bride for him on the show.

V Manohar has also composed the title song for the show. The 25th episode was attended by Sudeep.

Muddesha was introduced in the show much later than the rest of the cast, in the 23rd episode. An area beside kitchen is reserved for the band and a solo seating is placed for Indrajith Lankesh to the eppisode of the main set.

He is said to be a businessman who had a camel-grooming business in Dubai. Mandya Ramesh, Kuri Prathap and Naveen Padil were added to the main cast later in the show with permanent characters. Majaa Talkies Title snapshot of Majaa Talkies. Rekha Mohan referred as ReMo leads the band and she has appeared in most of the episodes.


He is also referred as ‘Ijila’ by Varalakshmi.

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His wife is Rani, and it is shown that the couple haven’t been happy since they have married. Kadle Puri debuted into the main cast srjua the th episode of Majaa Talkies.

Retrieved 19 September He is the tenant of Dayanand, on the show and it is portrayed that he owes rent to the landlord for an undisclosed period of time. Indrajith Lankesh is seated as a permanent guest in the show. He often composes comical lyrics for popular songs and sings it on the show as a fyll of the script.

The format followed included a scripted act from the cast in the initial segment followed by the segment that introduced and interacted with the guests invited for the episode. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use epusode Privacy Policy.

The show became Karnataka’s highest rated scripted TV show in June From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Apoorva has appeared in most srija the episodes portraying various characters, most prominent ones being ‘Sakkre Uma’ and ‘Saroja’. Usha has been a part of few episodes portraying various roles. She is a main character portraying a common Indian homemaker.

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The set was revamped from episode and an entirely new house was created reflecting a luxurious apartment. He shares a similarity of being bald with Indrajith Lankesh.

She is famous for her unique way of pronouncing ‘Super’ on the show.