Sesuai saran dari rinn gustan. To know more, keep watching Mahabharat From now on, I add title at the beginning of the sub after some credit to the uploader or the file I translate. Mahabharat – Episode 4 Myanmar Unicode Subtitle srt, ass. Feel free to translate to any language: Mahabharat – [Full Episode] – 8th April – Ep

Discuss API on Discord. Manual Versi Youtube Starplus, Semua versi youtube dapat di lihat di http: Rohan Sharma January 30, at 4: It’s been re-synced to the episode 16 on YouTube HD p quality. Thanks to him for sharing the latest subs. And I change “Ratu” to “Permaisuri” also. Mahabharat versi tv. Mahabharat Eps youtube version [EYD].

Shakuni tries to hide himself. Duryodhan asks Ashwathama to k Re-edit subtitle episode Mahabharat versi Youtube Starplus.

Mahabharat episode – Yudhishthir engages Duryodhan in a duel. Mahabharata Episode Youtube Version. Versi YouTube starplus http: What should we add next?

Mahabharat Episode – Youtube. Mahabharat episode 8 – Use this one if you download the episode from YouTube in HD p quality. Mahabharat episode 88 – Karna decides to use his divine weapon against Arjun.


Versi Youtube Starplus, perbaikan dinie10 Jangan lupa comment dan rate nya oke Mahabharat episode 1 – 5. Shakuni enquires Krishna the reason for covering the sun with his Sudarshan Chakra.

Resync fari dekeka untuk episode atau WB-DL season 23 eps 5. Epeisode – Next episode, will be bundled and may take longer to upload after this release. Sub asli dari kumanoke cocok untuk versi Yutub. Mahabharat – [Full Episode] – 5th April – Ep What mahabhzrat My Phone Number. Drop image files here or click to upload. Karna is unhappy with Takshak’s decision.

: Arjun kills Jayadrath ~ Mahabharat (Star Plus)

All credit goes to kumanoke. Mencoba lagi re-edit ver Youtube dari dekeka. These ones actually just a bit of editing the subs uploaded by JPIvan all credit plu to him, thank you bro. Thanks to him for sharing the latest subs. Episode Resync Kenzou. Duryodhan sacrifices his life.

Mahabharat episode 241 star plus full

Spoiler Some users flagged this comment as containing a spoiler. Mahabharata jowo Episode Meanwhile, Jayadrath rushes to the battlefield. I’ll upload next episode soon.


Mudahan cocok dengan di Yutube http: Manual Versi Youtube Starplus, http: TV version and you can download the video from this links http: To defeat the Kauravas at night, Krishna tells Bheem to ask Ghatotkacha to join the war. Mahabharat [Starplus] Episode All credits for dekeka.