Information about Featured Artists. I fervently hope we see future episodes. Zeouterlimits Member Dec 22, Have suggestions for machinima we ought to feature? Sep 12, 37, 0 0 29 Canada. RetroMG Member Dec 22, Emwitus Member Dec 22,

Now, I don’t think I’ve watched any since RvB season Interested in the wide world of machinima? Tanx and Wiki instantly won my heart. May 2, 4, 0 0 Ecuador. All text here comes right from Machinima. Sciz Member Dec 22,

Runescape: Everybody Loves Runescape – Episode #1 (Full) – video dailymotion

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Nov 3, 12, 0 0. There’s a TF2 video about the pyro by himself that I liked, but that’s the only one that comes to my mind that hasn’t been mentioned already. The scene repeats a few times. Aug 26, 8, 0 Me.

You should also describe how the series how a big shot in the arm after Monty Oum joined Rooster Teeth. Without a doubt, that was the first example of a truly breakout machinima series that achieved mainstream recognition and viewership.


Lazy Zfk Member Feb 7, I fervently hope we see future episodes. Oct 31, 5, 0 0. Now I know why my search for “machinima” yielded so few results. Feb 1, 7, 0 0. Specifically the third episode, which talks about pandaren kung fu and its many applications, including in all their movies. Illumination Ink All names, trademarks and images are copyright their respective owners.

Starting with viral urban legends e. Jan 2, 1, 0 0. Mar 30, 17, 0 0 ATL.

WoW Moviewatch: Quest Busters, Episode 1 – Even Thieves Get Hungry

Jul 1, 10, 3 NeoGAF www. Put a lot of time into our current offering TheGamerNerdz and it’s paying off.

We’ve featured the AFK Players previously, but it’s been a while since we’ve heard from them. At the time, I was devouring episodr new RvB episode as they were released, and I was also scouring the ‘net for other quality machinima. Ep 1 – http: Tanx and Wiki instantly won my heart.

At one point there’s a joke about how pandarians make knockoff movies about various wow fights. RoboCop returns to Delta City where viewers ride along with the now standard-issue RoboCop officers as they respond to calls from dispatch.


I recently finished a Machinima with a buddy of mine- it’s not quite as polished as Red Vs Blue or Freeman’s Mind but I like to think it has it’s own charm. Now, I don’t think I’ve watched any since RvB season Looking for a wow machinima about pandarians recreating the Arthas and Machunima fights self.

Better than red vs if you ask me. Thread of Machinima Worth Watching. Additionally, with over 3. It then goes to a pandarian dressed up as Illidan who does the same thing with Miaev. Blizz Blues is pretty awesome too WoW based: With Season 1 set to launch in June, Machinima, Blue Ribbon Content and DC Entertainment have already begun development on Season 2, a episode follow-up to the initial limited series.