However, in optical domain, really a label is syn with wavelengths; the labels are the same as the wavelength and the wavelength are not carried in the packets. Then you use traffic engineering criteria and then you determine a path from one node to another node by using some constrained based routing algorithms and then at the edge of the networks, all the IP flows which now needs to be forwarded onto the optical networks; you aggregate them into the traffic flows, you aggregate this traffic flows onto the traffic trunks and these traffic trunks are then mapped to the light paths and then the traffic can be switched in the optical cross connect. Now, let us first look at the overlay model. Click to login or register: There are 2 separate routing protocols that are in place; one is the IP routing, another one is the optical routing. So, in summary what happens is that what we are saying is that in the core of the networks, we have this optical based network which is based on this wavelength router and over which we are overlaying the IP networks. So therefore, you do not have the additional over head of segmentation in reassembly.

As you can see, in the MPLS LSR, you cannot have a hierarchy of a virtual circuit path, only one hierarchy is defined that is a virtual circuit path are bundled into a virtual path. Daisuke Touda touda mfeed. You of course, need to have a restoration and protection capabilities in the optical path. That has certain traffic 8. But in the peer to peer model, the optical route themselves are determined by using intelligence from the IP routing protocol. Instructor Name Abhay Karandikar. There are no comments.

Intelligent web browsing and web caching – Internet and web Traffic measuremnt and characterization – Prediction for Network – Management – Netwoeks Communication Networks: So, there are 3 major components here is that master LSR controller and then there is an even manager and then there is of course, a script parser. The migration away from traditional multiple packet overlay networks towards a converged packet-switched More information.

We have these are optical routers which are situated at the edge of the networks and in the core of the network, we have these wavelength routers and what oh done really is that this optical network, this IP network is overlaid over this optical network which comprises of the wavelength routers. Today Introduction As data traffic started dominating telecom networks, there was a need for transport data networks, as opposed to transport TDM networks. So, that solves not only this problem but it is also acting now on the variable length IP packets.


However, in optical domain, really a label is syn with wavelengths; the labels are the same as the wavelength and the wavelength are not carried in the packets.

Daisuke Touda prof.karandikaar mfeed. So, instead of this L being standing for the labels; now, it stands here for the lambda. Georg Carle Christian Grothoff, Ph.

So, there may be a fast reroute done browdband the node X which deducted the failure. There could also be a fast reroute mechanism and this acts like a local protection for a link or note failure, very similar to a SONET or SDH network So, now what happens in the fast reroute mechanism that there is a backup LSP tunnels broadbajd the LSP tunnels which are traversing around a node and incase of failure, the effected LSP tunnels are rerouted around the failed node using the backup LSP tunnels.

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Edu These Slides are available on-line at: So, these are basically the practical deployment problems that lectuee arise when you are using wavelength base routers and of course, we need to then have fast fault detection and the restoration mechanisms also. We then have constrain based routing algorithm which will compute the routes through the optical network and in this constrained based routing algorithms, we can take into account the constrains related to the bandwidth or traffic engineering capabilities and then compute the route through the optical networks.

In particular, More information. Broasband Routers Forward Packets Autumn philip. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any More information. Lecture slides are from Computer networks More information. So, these are the protections and the restoration mechanism which are available in terms of MPLS traffic byy capabilities.

We also need extension to the existing signaling protocols; basically, CR LDP or RSVP TE which are used to convey the traffic trunk attributes to the label switch routers and then of course, there is prof.karanidkar link management protocol that is required to perform the link management.


There are no comments. So, script parser means any topology you can give through TCLTK script and the script parser then is a topology that the knowledge about the topology of the network lscture to a master LSR controller and an event manager essentially manages various events in the emulator. The Economics of Cisco s nlight Multilayer Control Plane Architecture Executive Summary Networks are becoming more difficult to plan and optimize because of high traffic growth, prof.karandikag traffic patterns.

So, what is however this is only or temporary phenomenon. Now here, label in optical network is analogous to a wavelength and you cannot have such large number of wavelength.

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So, in peer model, only one control plane as we are discussing – spans and administrative domain. So, there is a separate control plane for IP routing, of course and there is a separate control plane for wavelength routing.

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Note that in standard MPLS you can do various operations. We had seen that MPLS has a significant utility as a control plane in the IP routers itself to provide traffic engineering.

In such an event, these videos will no longer be playable on CosmoLearning or other websites. Topics Traffic engineering Fast reroute. Course Description The next generation of networkw networks will deliver broadband data and multimedia services to users.

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To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. So, this is how it, I was just discussing that if this link fails down, then the X detects this failure. So now, this is so here it leverages on the switching engine design that we have done it in the Linux Kernel and also the multi threaded label distribution protocol.

Now again, I want to emphasize here that the control plane for the IP routing, IP routers is there is a routing plane which is the intelligence used in determining the routes based on IP address.