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Kyle Richards loves cheap mascara | Entertainment and celebrity news

Kyle Richards thinks “cheap” mascaras are “the best.”

The ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ star prefers a ‘buildable’ product and tries to avoid waterproof mascaras because she doesn’t think they’re very good for her lashes, and although that’s an article she’s on happy to skimp, she warned that she wouldn’t do the same with foundation.

She said to the British HELLO! magazine: “I love the voluminous mascara from L’Oréal Paris. It has a curved wand, which is great. I never use waterproof mascara because you can’t take it off, and it’s bad for your eyes. eyelashes. This is the best, because it is buildable.

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“What I’ve learned is that the cheapest mascara is the best. That’s not the case with foundation, but definitely with mascara.”

The 53-year-old star – who doesn’t work with a stylist – thinks she “does better” with her wardrobe when traveling for work than when she’s at home on a daily basis.

She said: “When I go on a trip, I feel like I do better. So when I’m on a trip with the show, I’m like, ‘OK – that’s our itinerary’, so I do my best. better, then I can really think of something. Also, my husband isn’t with me, so he doesn’t judge me on the amount of luggage I bring!”

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When it comes to his own style icons, Kyle went with two women who have very different wardrobes.

She said: “I love JLo, I love her style, but I also love Jennifer Aniston and she’s more classic and simple. They’re complete opposites, but I love them both.”

And the brunette beauty thinks the late Princess Diana was an “iconic” fashion figure.

She said: “I mean, I have to go with Diana. Sure, I think Kate Middleton dresses beautifully, but I just feel like Diana had so many iconic moments.

“For me, as a little girl, I lived in London for a while when I was doing a movie, and I think her and Charles were dating at the time and I remember so many of her outfits! The ‘revenge dress’ and then her biker shorts with the socks and her dress that blew up on sports day, I loved it.”