He also hears that the old Seh-Zan were to be dismissed and new Seh-zan were to be introduced to the palace. He was shaken when he heard her voice calling his name, it was a bit of a letdown the way he pretended not to know her though, but it was in order to protect her, and he said that he was sorry later, so it’s fine! But when Erin finds Nuk and Mok sick from eating some rotten food, Joh-on comes and helps Erin read a book about poisonous plants. While on the ledge, Erin and Joh-on witness a wild Tohda about to eat a baby Ohju. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Erin is called to the Kazalm palace, and is asked to accompany the Shin-Oh back to the royal palace with Lilan as bodyguards.

The Moefication of Anime Intellectual Gushing: At the end of the day, Erin says to Joh-on’s ghost, “Thank You While staying with the beekeeper Joh-on, Erin decides to have Joh-on teach her to be an animal breeder and live with him. Kemono no Souja Erin Episode After considering firing them because they couldn’t carry out even half the work of a single man, she decides to give them another chance and asks them to go shopping for her. Erin is a curious little girl and this often gets her into trouble, but it also fuels her interest in the Tohda that her mother cares for.

When Shiron decides to approach Lilan again, she ends up angering Lilan, only to be saved by Erin. Soh-yon asks her if being a bestiary is what she truly wants and decides to take her on the egg hunt. This is not a thread about a novel but anime. But after she left, Ia-lu was ordered by his troop to kill his teacher, Hagaru, due to treason.

And then finally Ial! The subs I watched gave Iaru the name La-Lu At one point, after spending a lot of time on MAL, you just realize it’s totally pointless. He rescues her and nurses her to health, as she attempts to cope with the loss of her mother. I get what he’s saying about the rumors disrupting the national order, but still Soh-Yon is called to help but cannot immediately diagnose the cause of the Tohda’s illness.


Kirik, who was thought to be dead, is revealed to be alive and is now a traveling doctor who treats patients of both countries.

The Moefication of Anime Intellectual Gushing: And from there, Joh-on and Erin say their tearful good-byes. Ial is such a cold fish.

I wish Erin gets shipped with Tomura though, that’ll be the perfect ending: The Dahmiyah Touda army attacks the Tai-Koh’s troops, and everyone watches in horror of the bloody slaughter. Although to be fair I doubt Erin hadn’t had any suspicions, it was too obvious.

When the baby Tohda that Soh-yon authorized to have put in the pond goes missing, Erin takes it upon herself to defend her mother and find the kemonl herself along with two of her friends from the village. Everyone at the Kazalm Ohju Breeding School has grown.

Lilan erim through the sky, shining silver, and everyone watches in awe. The Tohda ignores her and walks into a nearby cave. And given that the third and fourth novel has been released and Erin apparently formed a family, I wonder who is her husband A poison tester in the capital is also sick from Mock Milkweed, and Ia-lu volunteers to find the cure.

For a second there I thought that the dude poisoned Lilan, that would have been sad. She explains her research on the plant shows that its effects match the Tohda’s behavior, however they should have shown up sooner. In another part of soujja, Ia-lu reopens his arrow wound while fighting against two unknown assailants, and stumbles upon Erin and her friends. Views Read Edit View history.

Kemono no Souja Erin Episode 34

Erin goes to the capital with Tomura and her two followers, Nuk and Mok, to go back to the Yantoku harp shop and change the harp to make a sound resembling an Ohju. Nuk and Epixode defend Erin, but after being accused of stealing the eggs they run off.


Erin jumps into a lake full of Tohda in an attempt to save her bleeding mother, but her mother has her whisked away to safety while she is eaten alive to atone for her sins. Esal tells the other teachers how she and Tomura also tried to use the harp to communicate with Lilan, but Lilan would just stare. Next episode, will Lilan get a boyfriend? The next morning, Erin leaves for the school and Ia-lu promises her that he will keep her story a secret until the time is ready.

While watching them in the sky, he mistakens Erin for his soja Taya.

Erin hears the thieves crying eisode help after they got stuck in the mud and spotted by a Tohda. Erin takes the top seat in the wpisode, meaning that Erin can stay at Kazalm as a Master. This page was last edited on 4 Februaryat Erin tells Ia-lu that the Tohda attacking the ship weren’t the Grand Duke’s because they didn’t have a mark on their tails. This surprises Erin, who once feared Lilan’s fangs.

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As one of the beastinarians blows a whistle, Lilan goes into a blind rage and soujw the beastinarians. Looking pretty hot, I mean, as cool as ever. Erin refuses to breed the Ohju for war, due to the fear of repeating the mistake of the First Shin-Oh Je. When Kirik decides to leave, he tells Erin of his sister Taya and to live happily.

Erin becomes sullen and sad, but acts strong in front of Lilan.