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Kellyanne Conway’s memoir ‘Here’s the Deal’ to be released May 24 | Celebrity News

NEW YORK (AP) — Former White House adviser Kellyanne Conway released a memoir May 24: “Here’s the Deal” is touted by her publisher as a look beyond Trump administration headlines and her family life, including her husband and prominent Trump critic, George Conway.

“Not just the White House story, ‘Here’s the Deal’ takes the reader into Kellyanne’s own home, on her own terms,” ​​Threshold Editions announced Wednesday. “Kellyanne became a fulcrum between the jagged demands of a job in the West Wing during one of the most important times in our history, mothering four school-aged children and getting married. with a man who suddenly went from an ardent supporter of his wife and the president to one of the most caustic and consistent public critics of the administration.

Conway’s deal for his memoir was worth seven figures, according to a publishing executive with knowledge of the negotiations. The official was not authorized to publicly discuss the financial terms and spoke on condition of anonymity. “Here’s the Deal” had been rumored for more than a year and was officially announced Wednesday by Threshold, a conservative imprint of Simon & Schuster that published Trump’s campaign book “Crippled America” ​​(later titled “Great Again”) in 2015.

Conway, 55, is a longtime Republican pollster and consultant who first backed Senator Ted Cruz of Texas in 2016 but eventually backed Trump and became his campaign manager by defeating Democratic candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton in one of the greatest upheavals in American political history. . She was a top presidential adviser and one of the most senior members of an administration notorious for frequent turnover. Conway left in late August 2020, citing the need to spend more time with her family.

In a statement Wednesday, Conway wrote, “I had made a career out of calling it how I saw it, with no notes in front of me and no net under me. I brought the same approach to this book, which should engage, capture and entertain many people.

Probably Conway’s most famous words so far are “alternative facts,” his 2017 description of White House press secretary Sean Spicer’s false claim that the new president had attracted “the most general public ever seen an inauguration” – both in person and “around the globe.”

Conway’s credibility has become an ongoing source of debate over whether she should be invited to news programs, with NYU professor and media critic Jay Rosen calling her a “fog machine”. In 2019, CNN’s Don Lemon said it was “below the dignity of this network” to interview him, shortly before fellow actor Dana Bash featured Conway in a segment of his ongoing “Badass” series. Women of Washington”.

When asked if Simon & Schuster fact-checked “Here’s the Deal” – something publishers rarely do, citing time and cost – or if they could otherwise assure readers of the book’s reliability, a spokesperson replied, “We’ll let the publication speak for itself. We’ll only add that Kellyanne worked hard on multiple drafts to provide an accurate portrayal of her life and time in the White House.

Simon & Schuster employees have expressed their displeasure with the publisher over reports of Conway’s deal on the book and his seven-figure deal with former Vice President Mike Pence. At a company town hall meeting last May, Simon & Schuster CEO Jonathan Karp said it was important to present a range of perspectives, but he cited some limitations. Karp said he opposed the publication of a memoir by Trump because he could not be trusted to provide an honest account.

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