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Kaye Adams: My challenge will be to stay strictly sober | Celebrity News | Showbiz and television

And she’s been considering a quick drink ahead of her BBC One debut next month – although she fears she’ll forget her routine.

Kaye, 59, said: “It takes a lot to persuade me to dance – usually three gin and tonics. I don’t dance sober.”

“It’s going to be a big challenge. I said to myself: “A little gin and tonic will surely not hurt”. But I have to remember all the steps – and how would I do that half cut? »

Kaye, who lives with tennis coach Ian Campbell and their daughters Charly, 20, and Bonnie, 15, joked it would be a ‘miracle’ if she was hit by the Strictly Curse, when competitors and dancers professionals fall in love with each other.

She added, “I’m looking forward to this one.”

But one aspect that doesn’t enthuse him is performing “up close and personal” routines. Kaye, left, one of 14 celebrities speaking for the new series beginning September 17, said: “The sexy stuff makes me nauseous. The rumba is the one I dread. It’s sultry and you’re dragged behind your partner on the floor. I’ll look like a wounded animal.

But she feels in “reasonably” good shape, telling Best magazine: “I go to spinning classes twice a week and walk a lot. I have always been athletic.

Kaye competed on Celebrity MasterChef, won Celebrity Mastermind and appeared on Total Wipeout.