Kanchana Ganga Episode 6th April Monday. Now I realise you are a pawn of Sagar. Kanchana Ganga Episode 30th January Friday. He pulls Janvi out with him. Supriya shares that she is going to her home for a few days. Sagar used the same example that you said in office. Kanchana Ganga Episode 23rd January Friday. I am the daughter of a judge not someone who was brought from nowhere.

Kanchana Ganga Episode 24th November Monday. It keeps happening with me. Audible Download Audio Books. Janvi says I know Ganga. Never Miss Ganga Shukla! Kanchana Ganga Episode 3rd February Tuesday. Kaushik as Satyendra Kappu. He tells her to go ahead.

Kanchana Ganga Episode 27th March Friday.

Palash and Ganga come back on bike. Sagar calls out for Ganga.

Kanchana Ganga Episode 728 (13th Apr 2015)

Kanchana Ganga Episode 1st April Wednesday. Can I ask why? Never Miss Ganga Shukla! This is the story of 2 women who are destined to be together. She trapped you first and now it is Palash.


If you think Sagar sent me to you as his pawn then there is no point of me kwnchana with you. Khosla as Satyen Kappu. Kanchana Ganga Episode 4th March Wednesday. I trust him completely. She goes quiet seeing him staring at her quietly. Kanchana Ganga Episode 16th January Friday. Kanchana Ganga Episode 2nd March Monday. Posted by TheUpdatersoftelenovelasgh at 5: Ganga thinks to tell him that she is childhood friends with Sagar so we think alike.

Kanchana Ganga Episode 3rd April Friday.

She will learn it. You wont even imagine what I will do to you otherwise. Kanchana Ganga Episode 7th January Wednesday. Natwarlal Mickey as Satyen Kappu. Ganga directly confronts Yash who is shocked to see her.

The men have the different equation and there is also the other level villainy of women, to add to the drama. Kanchana Ganga Episode 2nd April Thursday.

Kanchana Ganga Episode 24th December Wednesday. Kanchana Ganga Episode 19th February Thursday. Ganga is shocked to see him as he turns.


Kanchana Ganga Lanchana 24th November Monday. Your victory today is a defeat of both of us as you are not accepting truth. She is your DIL.

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Niru says they are the same quantity. P Anand as Satyen Kappoo. He says you should ask your husband if he worries about his family. We won this case because of him. Yeh Mohabbat Principal Kapoor.

Pulkit suggests Ganga to help him in shopping for the same.