What function do the references to the American elections and culture serve? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Jonas wakes to a house filled with silence. Re-reading THE SNOWMAN was just as gripping, immersive, and utterly chilling as I could have hoped it would be; in fact, re-reading it this time around with my reviewer lens on gave me a whole new appreciation for just what makes this book so brilliant. Stemmer fra Balkan Karusellmusikk Okkupert Chapter 4′ Moves Off Schedule — Update”. Harry locates the cottage, where he finds that Mathias has Rakel and Oleg hostage with the cutter to Rakel’s throat.

Should I read the book before I see the movie? Retrieved 18 October Stemmer fra Balkan Karusellmusikk Okkupert The detectives work together and place a number of suspects in the crosshairs, only to discover that these are misdirections by the real killer. Is there any personal history besides or it is a totally independent book? I’m using the word detective quite liberally here because there seems to be more flailing on his part and less actual detecting. Chapters 30, 31 and This book took me to a dark place, made me take a long, hard look at the disturbing human psyche and the violence we are capable of inflicting on others.

A strange case like this rapidly becomes several connected strange cases as more women go missing, and a snowman appeareth.

Harry believes that a serial killer is at work, though his bosses remain skeptical, especially since the bodies of the missing women have never been found. His success in finally apprehending the killer obviates any need for a scapegoat, and Katrine, following further mental stability checks, returns to her post in Bergen. First, a suicide; then, a gruesome, almost ritualistic murder—what could be next?

I’d be first on line for my copies. Final Snowmelt Perhaps the producers felt an uncaring synopss figure as catalyst was more palatable for audiences. Not really the ending is good but I had to read a fuck ton of nothing before anything of interest began.

Early in his career, Harry gained some fame, or notoriety as the case j be, for catching a serial killer while he was detailed to a case in Australia. There is not much to say about the novel without giving away vital clues as to the nature of the game.

The Snowman: A Harry Hole Novel Summary & Study Guide

What the heck does that mean? Which book should I pick up next? And he murders his mother as soon as he learns this. To be fair, the film is not the Thanksgiving turkey many critics say it is. Around the Year i At least in casting Michael Fassbender we get the perfect actor for Harry Hole. Most of the victims vanished after the first snowfall of winter, and snowmen were found near each scene. His FBI training leads him to search for links ths the cases, and he finds two of them—each victim is a married mother and a snowman appears at every murder scene.


InMartin Scorsese was attached to direct the film.

And what a fantastic series launch it is. Looking forward to seeing the film. There were a few plot twists in the book that I figured out but it was still well done! Masterfully blurring the lines between reality and fiction, Elly Griffiths has crafted an exceptional bookish mystery that is both an ode to Gothic literature and an effective work of Gothic suspense unto itself.

What qualities, if any, distinguish Harry and his colleagues from the detectives depicted in American books, television shows, and movies?

The Snowman

Reconnecting with his ex, Rakel, Nesho must also determine if she is safe from The Snowman, or if she could become another victim, as the killer seems focussed on personalising the act. How does the opening establish the mood of the rest of the novel?

According to Varietythe initial hope with the film to was to create a series in the vein of the Alex Cross film adaptations. What the Critics Are Saying”.

From its intriguing cast of characters to its immersive atmosphere and delightfully classic crime-inspired plotting, HUNTING GAME is an excellent read from first to last, and the start of a series I will look forward to following. It was detailed, unique, and very intricate. Meanwhile, Harry has gotten some new clues pointing him in the direction of Mathias, a man who was dating his ex-wife.

And yet, the rise in popularity of these Nordic thrillers here in the States is puzzling given our strong tendency towards literary Romanticism. Aug 11, Jim Fonseca rated it really liked it Shelves: Chapters 1 and 2. I flew through it.

He is currently planning a second novel, outlining his first feature script, and writing more short stories. Perhaps it is an unholy marriage between the two that transfixes us. My re-read confirms to me that this is one of the better books in the series, although The Redbreast is my favourite. It doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the works of Jo Nesbo.


I always start strong, but those books have never really done it for me. The Snowman Discussion Questions 1 18 Jan 16, zynopsis There are multiple POVs and one of those is the killer’s and all of them had a distinct voice. As a little girl I synposis to love the first snowfall of winter, and the fun that accompanied it, like sledging down hills with complete abandon and snowball fights, but best of all was building a snowman.

As his investigation deepens, something else emerges: Which makes the decision snowmwn only hire him at the last minute all the more puzzling. The attention was moved to Arve, a man who had a hereditary illness and appeared to enjoy sleeping with as many women as possible.

Jun 12, Joe rated it did not like it Shelves: Harry Hole series by Jo Nesbo 51 46 Feb 12, Soon the first snow will come. And the murder sequences can be quite gruesome.

The snowman had no hat, cap or scarf, and only one arm, a thin twig Jonas guessed had been taken from the hedge. I loved how the book took us along on the case of catching the Snowman. To add to the mystery, someone has built a snowman in the family’s yard and the snowman is wearing a scarf belonging to the boy’s mother.

Can I get an amen? You’ll just have to read the novels to find out more. And yet, the dialogue and scenes are full of references to other millieus’, continents, languages, and cleverly hidden philosophical references that speak to a widely cultured audience as opposed to American writers of this genre who rarely venture beyond the borders of their land, if not their own State. Or at least beyond fine. View all 10 comments.