Akari later asks Miria if she wants to help out and she accepts quickly regretting it. In , Beginner and Heavy Rotation placed first and second, respectively, from to , AKB48s singles have occupied the top four or five spots of the Oricon Yearly Singles Chart. Saddened on how it go, Akari went home thinking on how sad Alma is feeling now until she decided to do something about it. This time both Laiya and Leon were going to compete in a sword battle, but Akari noticed strange about her though Hilde and her Jewelpet Partner Topaz that told Akari and Sapphie about her strange behavior and powers and the two decided to investigate more about her. Miria and Akari end up running into each other and they are both taken back to the old school building by Diana to face off against Alma once again who is curious about Akari’s powers, during the battle Miria uses the potions but it doesn’t quite go as planned and Alma ends up saving them but in the process he uses too much magic and retreats. Battest continues to spread and the others can’t get inside to help. How would Akari escape this situation?

AKB48 preparing for its debut on March 26, Yuma and Alma and the connection to the forbidden item, the Battest. Later, Ruby and Akari go to class and learn that Labra has no partner of her own and she has some secret powers. Lately Akari has become much more lively than usual much to the surprise of her family. Back home, Akari is busy drawing something until Labra appeared from a portal and greeted her. Also known as Teleto, a blend of terebi and Tokyo and it is one of the major Tokyo television stations, particularly specializing in anime.

Not wanting her to be consumed by battest Alma, Yuuma, Labra, and Jdwel all chant Fealina’s smile spell together itnkle Akari who uses the spell and brings back Diana and Opal and repels battest from Jewel Land once and for all with a little help from her friends of course, the magic key reappears and Akari opens the magic door to where Fealina is sleeping in the Eternal flower garden and melts the ice that froze Fealina’s life.

Akari and Ruby saved them when floula is trying to catch them.

Her entrance exam however is to find a human whose feelings in her heart matches hers and was sent in the Human world in a really unfortunate way; in the Human World, an year-old middle school student named Akari Sakura is going to school on her first day until she meets Ruby tinlke the beach.

Earth is also the main setting on which the humans live. To take her mind off it, Akari decides to go the magic academy, learning that while she is in Jewel Land time in prt world will stop.

Alma tries to use her dark magic to jewwel the key but the key purifies it and with Akari’s good magic she ppet able to break the barior and call the key to her but Alma hits her with her dark magic and starts overflowing with the battest power. Each series were jewe, separate season to season, featuring different characters, there are currently no plans for an English release in the United States.


Comiket was founded in by Yoshihiro Yonezawa and a circle of friends, including Teruo Harada and Jun Aniwa and they wished to study manga and explore its potential, as commercial offerings were unchallenging and mainstream, following the closure of COM. When they wake up though they all think it was a dream but are re-energized and are able to finish the manga, it ends up being a huge success and the girls are looking foreword to their next manga.

Akari does everything in her power to bring the plant back to life and upon seeing how hard Akari eepisode working for her sake she realizes just how lonely she truly is and she apologizes and they both work together and they bring the plant back to life.

Marianne won but in the end she told the judges that she cheated. Though it goes well at first they are quickly put back in a slump and just when all seems lost Akari’s pen brings them all into their manga’s world where Ruby and Labra become tinjle magician guides.

Jewelpet Twinkle. 36. Alma et Yuma

For a Jewelpet to become a magician, it must go through training and studying with their human partners to prevent itnkle crisis in Jewel Land. Feeling sad, Yuuma comforted her sister and had a talk as he told her to say sorry and tell how she feels, but she then told him to tell her what he’s feeling for her as she left.

Yuuma along with Labra get dragged to where Alma is and Akari is trapped in an attempt to consume her life as well. According to rules, the humans who studied magic in the Magic Academy must leave their Jewelpet partners so they can go back to Earth and live their human lives.

Comiket was also founded as a form of the SF Taikai convention.

jewelpet Twinkle. Kohaku le fougueux РVid̩o dailymotion

Ruby and Akari were looking for the and 1 night flowers to cure Akari’s shyness when they found out there’s none of them blooming. She than transforms and heads back to Jewel Land in order to stop Alma who has just discovered that battest wasn’t sealed there it was really a magic key, she tries to use it on the magic mirror in hopes of finding the real hiding place of battest but the dragon of the spring appears instead and tries to stop her and just as Alma strikes Opal arrives and tries to stop her but is accidentally reduced to a Jewelcharm in which Akari picks up.

Early 1-yen silver coin, Upon finding out the truth and being inspired by how much her sister works she runs to where Yuuma is and confesses her feeling to him allowing the light in her Jewelcharm to return and brighter than ever. On November 2, a Dutch court ruled against Sanrio and ordered the company to stop marketing Cathy products in Belgium, Luxembourg, instead of continuing the court battle, the two companies will donate the legal fees to help the earthquake victims.


Later at the school the Jewelpets notice their partners Jewelstones sparkling brighter than ever before inside their heart and with a little help from Jewelina they are able to give their partners their Jewelstones back because Jewelstones come from within their hearts and they will never truly disappear.

Due to her magic, Akari is late for class after she and Ruby fall into the water. A Blu-ray box set was released on July 21,which includes an OAV episode, a second official soundtrack, and an illustration booklet containing official illustrations and promotional tihkle from the series.

While practicing the Rangula spell Akari informs Ruby and Labra that she decided not to aim for the Jewelstar because she feels it is impossible for her and the previous winner must have been some incredible magician, she runs into a girl named Judy who is also practicing the Rangula spell after messing up pett later learns that she has been given the duty of ringing the school bells.

Jewelina knew that both of them had a strong bond eepisode each other even though they were away for so long. Seeking an alternate source of revenue from the arcade market, Sega designed episoce released its first home video game console.

Once they arrive they are overpowered by Alma and are frozen in place. She was now in a new world that shined like jewels. Akari can’t seem to get pett mind off of it though and she ponders why he looks so much like Yuuma while Miria feeling jealous of Akari’s powers takes some powerful potion from the laboratory for the next time she runs into Alma.

Because of the number of people gathering in a single place.

While Sulfur is pondering about why Sara is still in the fourth grade Harlite explains that the only things she can understand are the epusode she can study and memorize. AKB48s producer, Yasushi Akimoto, wanted to form a group with its own theater.

jewelpet Twinkle. 35. Kohaku le fougueux

Once home Akari decides to call Yuuma and tell him that it will be her and Alma in the finals and he ask if he can come see.

Alma sinks even deeper into sorrow and giant vines of battest trap her and Akari and Yuuma run inside peg try to save her but they are taken to separate places by battest. The Japanese government focuses on an export market, and tries to ensure a low yen value through a trade surplus.

Angelina got 7 points with her magical underwater arena presentation and Miria got only 1 point, the second round’s theme was night dress.