It got trapped in backlog hell. You spray people with thermite, ignite them, and watch them fucking melt. As for the Christmas episode, well, the creators indeed stuffed the Christmas party into the final minutes of this episode. Even though I have no idea how the minds of these corrupt officials work, he still feels like a caricature: I can’t believe that the Kannagi lady wrote this. Hell, they rushed episode 47 like crazy.

Pibb, but it’s definitely just knockoff Madoka. Was a good episode. Honestly, I would like to turn around and rewatch the show, but that would make no progress in my goal, so I have to put this awesome title down unfortunately. He was presented more as an Andou whom I didn’t suspect even after the first betrayal than a Funai whom I knew was obviously no good from the get-go, in part thanks to HxH. Vonter Apparently there’s gonna be another iteration of Bem. The manga actually has multiple couples. This series loves to put in easter eggs or references to past and in some cases even future episodes , but the general message that it in the end wants to convey is genuine and yet simple.

I tried to look at some statistics about prison rape, and got quite scared of what I found.

Confession Series Part 2

It was never a series that absolutely took itself dead seriously. Anyway, for the show itself, it seems okay. This episode also kept hinting at the practices of that really creepy doctor.

For a second I thought you meant Gunsmith Cats. Whereas in the original, Leorio just said “Let’s go” and Kurapica drew his weapon in response as if to say “Gladly”. I reject this completely.


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Maybe if I rewatched it my thoughts would change. But part of the reason why I also suggested holding off is, I feel like you better appreciate the scene if you better know Archer — and he’ll better know Archer by game’s end than by anime’s end.

I was always convinced I’d hate this show. Love episdoe old PC but modern shooters and HD rpgs are lagging too much as well as drawing programs. The only thing good really gotten out of it was a pretty cool transformation sequence.

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Feel free to raise the dead and post new threads for old animes we watched in the years to But boy, what an episode the creators decided to end this series with. It’s a solid 6 or 7. Love my old PC but modern shooters and HD rpgs are lagging too much as well as drawing programs. Not only that, they cut out an emotional scene where Gon calls Mito-san his eisode out on her lies, knowing she was trying to protect him from both the dangerous life of a Hunter and the truth of his father’s abandonment.

Kaiser-Eoghan I still would have preferred shoplifters to have won foreign film though. Cardinals won the NLCS! As crazy-stupid as it is, I’ll probably wind up archiving both pte releases.

They’re all pretty idiotic though. They said something along the lines of “the series has gotten a make-over for a modern audience,” or something.

At first, I didn’t know what show you guys were talking about, and couldn’t figure out why tinlke name was brought up. My only real complaint so far is how they try too hard with the humor. In a way, Leorio is perhaps the most “pure” of them all, simply because he is incapable of causing much harm, directly or indirectly.


There’s no effing way I could do hours, since that’d basically be around episodes. This episode was such an exception: I’ll report back in with my thoughts after I’ve seen it.

Angel Beats Short Synopsis: But my favorite part of that sequence, by far, is a pretty much every single moment with Ilya and b the whole interaction between Ilya and Rin. Jokes aside, it’s really not goodanjme simple. Kaguya-sama has mostly avoided the prudish territory in which a lot of high school romcoms drown themselves, so I was relieved when Fujiwara busted down the door and pointed […].

Other than that, sure, of course I recommend it.

The boy has NOTHING because revealing to the audience he’s a boy would ruin the appeal, so I guess we’ll run with “Idol” for precisely two seconds before kicking him out of the spotlight the rest of the show. Un-robed Caster was especially awesome. Any longer there, and he would not have survived.