Why did I read it then? Amid their terrible hardships, she finds a sliver of hope. Max Richter has signed on to score the upcoming futuristic drama Into the Forest. I was actually pretty accepting of the book until the very end. But the real death knell fo Where to start? The story focuses on two teenage girls who live about 30 miles from the nearest town in the northern redwood forest of CA. It’s hard to read this book without feeling like an unappreciative squanderer. Into the Forest Reviews.

Actes Sud — Arles. My issue with the book is that once I chose to become part of this world so I could get into the story, there were still situations that pulled me back, things that maybe would unlikely happen, even in that breakdown of society. Into The Forest follows teen sisters Eva and Nell in the not-so-distant future as they forage through the forest that surrounds their rural home following the collapse of society. Jean is a frequent presenter at writers’ conferences and has taught creative writing for many years, both in California and abroad. Lists with This Book. It was inspiring to read about how these girls learned to survive and at the same time deal with the extreme grief and loss of not only their family, but life as they knew it, their hopes and dreams. But this year all that is either gone or in abeyance. I am a fan of apocalyptic fiction, and this one started out ok; unfortunately, it ended really poorly.

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But as their connections to society are severed and as society dies away, the sisters are forced to become pioneers on their own land, guardians of their homestead and safety. My final rating is a 4. I soaked the mashed toe boxes in a mixture of water and wood glue, did my best to reshape them, hid them behind the stove to dry, and then soaked and shaped and dried them again and again. The shit was shit before the shit went down.


It’s just an ending, as impartial as the forest they inhabit. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

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There are no piles of presents, no long-distance phone calls from great-aunts and second cousins, no Christmas forrst. View all 10 comments. The girls are alone with no one to guide them or give them hope. This book had me questioning and criticizing my reliance on everyday items like jan, electricity, the Internet, and air conditioning. From beauty no road leads to reality.

I thought we were miserable because our mother was dead and our father had grown distant and silent. And yet it feels good to write.

Their dreams come to a close when their father is fatally wounded in the woods while felling trees. When the power goes out for mmovie at their secluded home in the Northern California woods, two sisters are forced to fight for survival, but the apocalypse only matters insofar as it intensifies and clarifies their bond.

Into the Forest

What Nell and Eva do is clearly right for them. She doesn’t live too far away outside of Sebastopol, in northern California. This story forsst an act of incest By its very nature the beautiful is isolated from everything else. I liked the fact that the sisters were isolated.

She just wants to own facts, I think, like those encyclopedia entries she attempts to memorize, or her sister’s time. Stores were looted and abandoned. Do you feel a comparable story could have been written about a relationship between a brother and sister or two brothers?

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The Globe and MailDecember 8, Hall du livre — Nancy. In town there will be food in the stores and gas at the service stations. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

All, conveniently, by reading encyclopedias that mpvie in the house. Feb 16, Italiangirl rated it really liked it. Apr 25, Julie Christine rated it it was amazing Shelves: Other than that, I was obsessed with this book, and I think anybody looking to read a really realistic apocalypse story should give this a try.


A soundtrack featuring the music from the first season was just released last week and the composer performed his music from the hit series live for the first time last night in New York. Recommended to Mariel by: She’s a unto person!

I love those talks. This book has all the emotional intensity of a school essay–and reads like one, too.

Or to savor a single Hershey’s Kiss, knowing that it may be the last chocolate you will ever taste in your life. Throw in the towel. Eventually all utilities shut down completely, and without electricity and gas, there is no real news—-just rumors. Page — Paris.

The plot draws readers along at the same time that the details and vivid writing encourage rereading. Although the girls are alone with each other for most of the story, their relationship has only the trappings of intimacy, and none fprest the depth of it. The film is produced with the participation of Heglsnd Canada. But when their father is killed in an accident, and a dangerous stranger arrives at their door, the girls confront the froest that they must find some new way to grow into adulthood.

La Procure — Paris. Into the Forest can be seen not only as a coming of age story but as a very relevant book as far as the economic crisis is concerned.

Tropismes — Bruxelles — Belgique. The book is marketed as having some sort of amazing, touching relationship between the sisters. Learn how your comment data is processed.