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Jean-Christophe Novelli on brutal dumping by his girlfriend | Celebrity News | Showbiz and television

Fortunately, the 61-year-old Michelin-starred chef can at least impress his own children, after signing up to become an avatar on an online platform called MetaTown and becoming the world’s first celebrity chef to cook in the metaverse.

He confessed: “I can’t bear to listen to my own voice, it annoys me enormously.

“I’m actually the only TV chef who has a windshield wiper in front of the TV, because every time I hear my own voice, every time I hear myself talking on TV, I keep spitting .”

On the consequences of his career choice, the father of four, from Arras in northern France, said: “I was dumped by my first girlfriend when she found out I was going to be chief.

“She dumped me the next day because she wanted a real man with a real job. It was outside the main school stairs and I saw her green eyes creep up in sadness that she had to tell me and it was so sad, I never forgot the moment.

Jean-Christophe, who obtained an MBE last year, has been teaching cooking at his world-renowned Novelli Academy, based in his Hertfordshire home, for 17 years.

He now dons the digital chef’s whites as he enters the world of virtual reality by hosting live cooking demonstrations as an avatar.

The displays will take place on the BrandLab360 online platform, where people can create a virtual reality or VR world and avatar for themselves.

He explained: “It’s something very unique for me and I’m really privileged to be part of this fantastic unique project because I’m really old school.

“When I talk to my kids, who are very into the virtual world, they’re actually more impressed with that than with the fact that I have an MBE.”

“My kids think I’m the coolest dad ever, the coolest dad on the planet because of the avatar.”

He added: “I’ve always loved attention and it’s the perfect tool, at my age, to go further than I’ve done in my life.”

  • To join Jean-Christophe in his virtual kitchen, go to brandlab-360.com to register. Its first demonstration is on August 25 at 6 p.m.