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Jane Seymour will not retire | Entertainment and celebrity news

Jane Seymour has “no desire” to retire.

The 71-year-old actress is busy with various acting and production ventures, as well as her work as an artist, sculptor and jewelry designer, and with more job openings than ever, she’s still passionate about her career.

She said: “For some reason I haven’t yet figured out, I work harder now than ever in my life.

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“I have no desire to retire. Why should I do less something I love?

“In 1988 I worked with John Gielgud on ‘War and Remembrance’ when he was 84 and asked him the same thing.

“He replied, ‘As long as my name is on a roll call, I know I’ll be alive tomorrow morning.

The ‘Live and Let Die’ actress insisted she’s never had cosmetic procedures because she loves the fact that she’s able to play younger or older than her age.

She exclaimed to Radio Times magazine: “No! No! I see no reason to be a much younger version of myself.

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“When they put a wig on me, I can easily play younger.

“And with a different wig and bad lighting, I can look older.

2You can’t change your face without distorting things – if you change the nose, it brings out the mouth, then you fix that and it’s an endless cycle.

“I’m perfectly happy to play a little old lady.”

Meanwhile, Jane would love to bring back “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman,” which ran for six seasons and aired in over 100 countries.

She said, “Absolutely. The script is ready to go and everyone is dying to come back and do it, but we haven’t been able to convince anyone to say yes.

“They say it’s ‘too dusty’, which is to say a western. That’s exactly what they said when the show started, so please!