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‘It’s amazing’ Maureen Lipman in heartbreaking confession about her partner’s death | Celebrity News | Showbiz and television

If coming to terms with the death of her partner Guido Castro wasn’t difficult enough, Maureen Lipman had to take drastic action before he died after learning he had contracted Covid. Guido died after a short Covid-related illness in January 2021, at the age of 84.

He had been receiving medical care at a respite home while battling Parkinson’s disease before learning of a positive test result for the virus.

Although Guido had been vaccinated, Maureen explained at the time of his death that she was unsure exactly how her significant other caught the virus to begin with.

In an interview with The Mirror in June, the Coronation Street star opened up about the ordeal of watching her partner’s health deteriorate while dressed in full PPE gear and gloves.

She described the experience as “incredible” as she admitted the Covid infection had “knocked down” Guido.

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Elsewhere, in December, the political activist claimed that cancel culture was starting to kill comedy.

Maureen has weighed in on celebrities being undone for things they might have said or done years ago, which then resurfaces on the internet and leads to a massive outcry from people desperate to tarnish careers and that person’s reputation.

Even comedians are somewhat hesitant to crack certain jokes during their stand-up for fear of receiving backlash for something that should have come across as an innocent joke.

The Educating Rita actress said: “I think it’s a revolution, I think it hangs in the balance if we’re ever going to be funny again.

“It’s a bit like laughter in church. You have to ban something to really make people laugh…that’s when you shouldn’t laugh.

“And so, therefore, all the things that get canceled are, I’m afraid, the things that have always made people laugh.”