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‘It was me’: Vardy’s PR ‘admits leaking stories about Rooney’ | Celebrity News | Showbiz and television

And in a separate exchange, the footballer’s wife told PR CarolineWatt she would ‘love’ to release Coleen’s online account details to the press.

Coleen, 35, was dubbed Wagatha Christie for running an ‘undercover operation’ before accusing Rebekah, 39, of leaking stories about her private life to The Sun newspaper.

In a 2019 Twitter post, the wife of former England captain Wayne Rooney accused Rebekah of sharing three false stories that she deliberately placed on her private Instagram account.

Rebekah, who is married to Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy, denies the charge and is suing Coleen for defamation.

The High Court heard yesterday that WhatsApp messages between Rebekah and Ms Watt had leaked to Coleen’s legal team.

David Sherborne, for Coleen, said days after a story about her damaged car appeared in The Sun, Coleen tweeted that he was “sad” that an online follower was “betraying” her.

In a private WhatsApp conversation, complete with a laughing face emoji, Ms Watt told Rebekah: “It wasn’t someone she trusted. It was me.”

Mr Sherborne said: ‘The conclusion to be drawn is that Ms Vardy knew full well what she was doing, was behind it and encouraged it.’

In other messages, Rebekah called

Coleen a “nasty b****” and “such a *** ad,” the court heard.

Mr Sherborne said Rebekah and ‘sidekick’ Ms Watt regularly watch Coleen’s Instagram Stories with a view to posting them.

He said that when discussing Coleen’s car damage post, Rebekah told Ms Watt that she would ‘love to divulge those x stories’.

In further messages with Ms Watt, she suggested Coleen’s own PR was responsible for the leaks.

One said, “What a joke! All I’ve ever been nice to her! Even when Wayne was ac ***.”

He said Coleen had brought a misuse of private information claim against Ms Watt and wanted her to be added to the defamation case.

He added that Coleen’s lawyers wanted more details about the WhatsApp messages, but Ms Watt’s phone “unfortunately” fell into the North Sea after a boat she was on hit a wave.

Mr Sherborne called it ‘very unfortunate’, as ‘it was only shortly after the court ordered the phone to be specifically searched’.

Hugh Tomlinson QC, for Rebekah, said the allegations caused her “enormous damage and distress” and that the posts “provide no evidence” that she leaked the three fake posts.

Ian Helme, on behalf of Ms Watt, said she had “clearly and consistently” denied the misuse of private information.

This week’s preliminary hearing is scheduled to end today.