May 12, at 7: She tells everyone, Aarav is fine now. Arnav comes back and tells her, no one is watching.. And how shyam made Arnav to call when they were about to call police, how he sent gifts from Arnav and all. Nani, NK, Payal come there. Buaji says to him, instead of trying to talk with her go and patch up with Khushi. Shyam puts Khushi in the car and drives off, Arnav follows in a jeep and the kidnappers are behind him. Khushi says then you must packed it.

Khushi says, yesterday night mehendi and now kheer.. Payal goes to Aakash and tries to explain but Shyam is not stopping and says he understands girls from small houses have big dreams. Shyam says with Khushi, NK has also lost his brain. All guests are in and everyone is waiting for moon tocome out. Khushi is then opening something and it goes into her eyes. I will also keep this fast.

Khushi sees food in front of her eyes and gets excited. Sheetal states she will go and help Khushi, she comes th to Khushi for help but Khushi declines and states she cant find her taal. Aakash asks if she remembers her promise that she did before 1 day of their marriage that they will never hide anything from each other. Shyam says Khushi has gone mad and crossed all her limits. He asks Khushi, is it your birthday epjsode He then snatches pooja? NK says to Arnav they should go on vacation.

Before everyone used to be so happy so why not now. Nani says before that she wants to ask him a question. Khushi then runs away fromthere and is about to fall down. After pakores are ready. He puts her hand on his heart and she responds! He tells Arnav to talk with her now directly. As Khushi is walking she is wondering about Sheetal.


Khushi sees her own face and smiles. He was scared of what Khushi epieode do if he said no and that was the only reason for agreeing for divorce. Manorama also asks Khushi what are you saying?

Arnav asks Nk, what are you saying? Khushi gets up all of a sudden.

Doctor then asks staff if naxm say, but no one saw her. He then calls Nk and says, tell her that I am calling her. He will handle everything and bring her back. She calls his manager and thanks him and says she loved it. She then goes somewhere. In the background, mami is snoring.

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Arnav finds doctor and asks her if she saw Anjali. When Arnav is taking Anjali away, Shyam stops him and says he wants to clear everything now. I want the ones made by mywife. And if she does this fast, then for who?


Arnav is on the phone with someone there, but Khushidoesn? Someone rings the door and brings flowers. NK says this is a great idea. Nk sees Sheetal coming there, and says, you have to do so much for you love.

Arnav slowly slowly says the recipeand how Khushi makes them so khushi gets excited. And then he says, I mean Khushi ji. He asks Khushi to makeaalu-ke-pakode for him. Nani is with Anjali, Arnav comes there and asks Anjali if she saw Khushi. He just said yes for family. Khushi has no choice. Khushi says, nothing is new in that. All ladies are cooking in kitchen where Nani tells them, why are you helping me?


Arnav quickly catches her and says, Iwill keep taking care for forever. Sheetal says, I amwith you na. Aakash then asks Payal what is it that she is talking about. Arnav blowsinto her eyes to take that out.

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Anjalisays, it is so much fun. Payal states how Arav and Arnav look like each other. She wonders how she will do this fast. Nk says, wow this is amazing. He says even Shyam knows Khushi is right. Nk and Manorama tell her not to worry and they go to talk with Arnav now.

Khushi says, but I do believe and she tells him to learn something from Salman Khan who keeps fast for her wives in all his movies. NK is looking at everyone. Khushi gets furious and says, what do youthink.

Nk is not eating anything either. Moon is out and Sheetal looks at the moon first. Arnav says, if I win then no fasting from next time.