Khushi is threatened for revealing Shyam’s plans. Arnav then informs everyone about his break-up with Lavanya. Lavanya is shocked when Nani asks her to prepare dinner. Later, Nani introduces Shyam to Khushi’s family. She accuses of him for ruining her life. She removes her belongings from their room.

Shwetha May 7, at 4: Later, Arnav shocks her when he agrees to marry Lavanya in front of the guests. But Lavanya tells everyone that it was a mutual decision and bids them goodbye. Later, Anjali tells Arnav about Khushi’s depression, but he disregards her concern. Later at home, Arnav is surprised to see Akash in a sad mood. And paid attention to his run and came to the conclusion like you said, Barun can Run Saala:

Nani agrees that she can stay in the house. Khushi gives a great performance and is praised by all. Nani and Arnav are upset with Lavanya’s lie. Just as he launches into the run of his life Nani starplayrr to talk to Khushi. Dia, eagerly waiting for your edit. Shyam is relieved to know that Khushi is still in Delhi. Meanwhile, an angry Khushi spills hot tea on Arnav.

While Lavanya asks her to steal mud from Arnav’s plants for the diyas, Madhumati is angry on learning that Khushi has rejected Shyam’s proposal. What is the video about? He tells her that Akash will sign the divorce papers. Meanwhile, Arnav feels dizzy while watering the episore.

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Ayesha May 8, at And as usual, his first reaction is to 24 But just as Arnav prepares to do so, Anjali faints. Search on popular sources:. Payal tries to befriend Bubbly, but Manorama intervenes. She tries to sort out the misunderstandings, but blames herself for Payal’s wedding disaster.


Payal shares her ideas for the fancy dress competition with Manorama. Khushi is pushed on stage to perform without a partner. I have been reading all your comments and analysis of the episodes with great interest. Buaji decides to intervene. Itna tyaag mat karo yaar in Cvs kay bharosay,lol.

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How does the meeting between Khushi and Arnav go? While Arnav finds Khushi in the trunk of his car, Nani scolds Lavanya for trying to use holy water to wash her face. Later, Nani introduces Shyam to Khushi’s family. I will carry on reading all your thoughts and watching a brilliant show. Anjali places an order for saris to Khushi. Khushi is shell-shocked to learn from the manager that she needs starlpayer deliver the sweets to Raizada house. Manorama’s husband saves Anjali before Straplayer could push her into the pool.

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Arnav feels bad as he knows he has hurt Khushi unknowingly. Later, Starpalyer arrives at the Raizada house to invite Payal for the rituals. Shashi is being introduced to the Raizada family.

However, she ignores Khushi. Manorama gets suspicious after finding Payal’s photos with Bubbly. Khushi sews Arnav’s shirt button.


Arnav asks Shyam to let Anjali stay with epixode family for a few more days instead of moving into Shyam’s house and staying there alone. Payal tends to Manorama’s episoed face as she has an allergic reaction to the Holi powder.

Anjali misses Arnav on her birthday. Aarthi Ramani May 8, at 6: Arnav’s family is surprised to see him calm. Comming to the Kidnapping part however stupid it seems to get kidnapped at airport. Would love to hear your inputs too from a non-Indian about an Indian show!

A completely befuddled “Huh?! Later, Anjali asks Akash about his feelings for Payal. In the midst of all this, Episofe a little depressed thatnow that it is time for MU to clear, Barun has to take 11 days of leave.

Nani talks to Laxmi about her plan with Khushi.

Arnav still upset

He finally finds Anjali in a temple and apologises for being rude. Will Khushi and Arnav express their feelings to each other?

Shwetha May 8, at 6: