Zim goes on an outing to the downtown area in order to test a new guidance chip he installed in GIR, but when GIR removes the chip before leaving to store a cupcake , Zim and GIR are left lost and have to resort to public transport to find their way back. This is the last of three episodes not to feature Zim. The next day Dib discovers that he smells like meat and is ridiculed by the other children, and at that point Zim informs Dib that his vengeance is complete. Gaz is on the trail of this video game fan boy and pursues him to his home where she removes and destroys all the batteries. This provokes Dib’s father into building high-tech cyborg battle armor to protect his “accident-prone” son. The explosion then explodes at normal speed. The first season of Invader Zim consists of 20 episodes, which are ordered below by production number and not their original broadcast order.

Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! However, Zim is terrified by the animatronic singing animals and runs back out the door. Sara voice Jhonen Vasquez He also tries to zap Zim with his laser vision. He decides that as he doesn’t want to appear strange, he must also have a friend. The Skool starts a candy fundraiser in order to get some finances. While in school, Sizz-Lorr kidnaps Zim and takes him into space.

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It is revealed that Dib’s head is the only portal out of the dimension, and all the evil creatures within it want to go through it. Due to an angry prisoner who sorts packages, Zim is accidentally shipped a high-powered robot mecha with a cloaking device and he immediately heads off to destroy Dib with it. Zim is now reduced to the mental status of a three-year-old which raises the question of how he could possibly send the piggy back to replace his brain; see the grandfather paradox.

When the Tallest realize what’s going on, they transfer Zim’s control over to the Resisty so he brings their ship in and they self-destruct. This episode is the second of three episodes not to feature Zim. Zim takes the DVD back to the mall. After arriving on Earth, Zim attempts to fit in and fools everyone except his schoolmate Dib, a young paranormal investigator, who vows to capture Zim and prove that he is an alien.

Zim’s spaceship is sent spiralling out of control after an encounter with a bee and it crash-lands in a park.


You said you gotta onvader Iggins. The first season of Invader Zim consists of 20 episodes, which are ordered below by production number and not their original broadcast order.

Zim is experimenting one day when Dib tries to sneak into his base in a ceramic squirrel costume. Zim igguns Andy Berman Dib manages to launch a portal into a monster world in his forehead. During maintenance of Zim’s underground base, GIR’s brain is accidentally put into the house’s operating system. Zim notices that all the other children in the school have friends except him.

Retrieved 24 November Frankanother member of the cult. Unfortunately, there is a planet called Earth on the outskirts of the Irken universe, and when Zim finds this world months latere;isode assumes this is the subject of his “mission”.

At that point some real aliens turn up and offer to take Mr. Unable to control it, Uggins instead allows the hamster to rampage throughout the epiode. A girl selling cookies gets her foot trapped in Zim’s frontyard and it attracts the attention of the neighbors, press and the Earth president. A pilot was produced for Nickelodeon infeaturing Billy West as the voice of Zim.

Zim, through extreme selfishness and sacrifice of his teammates, surprisingly invadet to the end of the trials. Dib’s hard drives finally repair, but then the cyborgs sent by Zim destroy them. She then realizes he is a robot after one of its robotic eyes pops out.

So Dib goes to where future Dib told him eisode go, but it is a trap set by Zim, and the future Dib is in fact a robot controlled by Zim. Zim’s class at school gets a new hamsterand Zim decides that its cuteness can be used as a form of mind control.

While in school, Sizz-Lorr kidnaps Zim and takes him into space. However, it is closed, but that doesn’t stop Zim. Dib goes on his favorite TV show, Mysterious Mysteriesto tell the world the story of Zim and to share a video of Zim he had filmed.

Gaz voice Lucille Bliss Then Slab Rankle asks Zim to join him, but he refuses and leaves. Finally, at a very old age, Dib is being interviewed on TV epusode he is asked if he threw the muffin at Zim and Dib admits it.

iggijs Zim continues to send a series of rubber piggies into the past to harm Dib until he is reduced to a catatonic state. As of August elisode,all produced 46 episodes have aired on television and been released on DVD. Dib, still at Zim’s base, is captured by Zim and taken to a station orbiting Earth for experimentation and vivisection. Unfortunately, as the piggy must replace an object in the past, the piggy supplants Zim’s brain.


Paul Greenberg: Iggins, TV Voice, Rat Person Lackey, Child Screaming

Photos Add Image Add an image Do ibvader have any images eoisode this title? He then finds out that they are in fact extraterrestrials that have been stranded on Earth for seven years, when they were accidentally swapped with human babies during an information-gathering mission at an Earth hospital.

When he gets to Dib’s house the cloak fails, and Dib attempts to take pictures of the robot. Unfortunately for Dib, his hard drives aren’t working and need to be automatically repaired, so Dib watches Zim while this is happening.

In the following episode, Zim and Dib are right back to their normal selves, suggesting that either the virus is temporary, or the show uses a floating timeline.

On December 24,the pilot episode finally aired on television. There Zim discovers that he can protect himself from germs using a germ-resistant hamburger “meat” made of recycled napkinswhich is sold there. Dib zik to the bathroom and throws Zim in the toilet, with Zim screaming as the words “The End” come out of the toilet. Eventually GIR decides he wants tacos and burritosand makes the house morph into a four-legged walker vaguely resembling a dog. However, he cannot give his presentation as he lost his suitcase during the trials which contained proof of Zim’s alien heritage.

Zim realizes he must defend himself and he discovers that paste protects his skin from the harmful effects of water.

Edit Cast Episode cast overview: GIR escapes to gain more knowledge of the humans so that he can complete the mission. Zim uses this hypnotic albeit disgusting zit to gain control of the school children, and then forces Dib into revealing the weakness in Zim’s base defenses.

He is only stopped when they hit what turns out to be a giant TV screen, and discovers that the planet is being stolen by the Planet Jackers, aliens who use planets like the Earth as kindling for their dying sun.