Well THAT comes from a tale when he was in third grade. Insert Scary Title Here! A few cartwheeled across, then cartwheeled back… Then all of them twirled around, then STOMPED on the ground, coming face to face with their “rival”, eyes narrowing, antennae twitching. Tak, the Hideous New Girl, Pt1 Skoodge growled angrily as he looked at the newspaper in his hands. Like he ain’t heard THAT before! Remember who I am!

Come eat your stinking food! Poonchy, the Drinker of Hate, had gone to the window along with several others. Walk for your Lives! Who has had more victories, Zim or Dib? Game Slave 2 He does get fired, though. Therefore the job classes were like gangs. His body twitched and he finally tossed the newspaper on the ground, jumping up and down on the newspaper, howling madly

Dib’s Wonderful Life of Doom And it appeared as if he wasn’t the ONLY one who wanted the promotion.

Log in Sign up. The order of episodes is different on kisscartoon than on the wiki, which is very inconvenient when one wants to watch a specific episode, so I compiled a list of the order the episodes are in on kisscartoon and you all can use it too if you want. Battle Of The Planets A: He promptly fell through the windshield into the cesspool. He turned his head, noticing a few birds that flew by, THEN the cesspool which was off in the distance.

The drills and helmet removed themselves and sank back into the ship, which spoke up…with DIB’s voice. For the final touch…a blue, digital “face” at the front of the head, which blinked a few times….

Watch Invader ZIM S2 Ep12b – Dibship Rising full episodes cartoon online

Gir goes crazy and stuff A: Now a purple, crested helmet device attached to Dib’s head and two drills entered both sides of the helmet into plug regions. Mortos Der Soulstealer Would Dib kill a clone of himself? That’s not really me! They twirled around as boppy music played and MORE of their fellow Invaders and Communications staff joined in, all walk-dancing together.


There’s me in the bathroom. The ledge gave way. The Nightmare Begins, Pt2 3. Dibship grabbed the bowl of beans with a wire tentacle, much to Dib’s surprise and annoyance.

Dib’s bein’ all weird and giant again! Skoodge growled angrily as he looked at the newspaper in his hands. What’s happened to me? Rise Of The Zitboy B: Dibship leapt onto the cesspool and began to scale the massive crane as Zim and GIR laughed evilly.

The Girl Who Cried Gnome; Dib-Ship Rising

Of course you are. Halloween aim of spooky doom: The smell’s getting to me. He does get fired, though. Zim Eats Waffles B: I… guess Dib wins??

Dib finally managed to raise a finger and pressed a button on the control panel, shouting out the command… “STOP!!! Membrane gaz membrane dib membrane do you love me. The two snapped their fingers as they made their way down the hallway, backs hunched over slightly.

Zim is left with a piggy instead of a brain. The doorway to the Tallest’s lounge was just ahead…but down at the end of the hallway, Head Communications Officer Georgie narrowed his eyes as he looked at Skoodge.

Unfortunately when she put two MORE cans inside of the oven dibshkp bottom invder of it blew up in a sad, lackluster purple explosion of dust. It then blasted the alarm clock with a strange pink beam and the tentacle “nodded”. Her voice died off as a display panel showed off her specialized design image of the Irken symbol: The Dibshop, Sad Tale of Chickenfoot Mopiness of Doom Invadr a few moments he’d torn out of his house and had rushed down the sidewalk…unaware that Dibship was following after him, stealthily trailing him from the rooftops….


Ship- make him sick! Top of the Line, Pt1 The Freaks Come Out on Friday The Enemy Within 4. Dib looked over at two buttons that were held invwder in front of the monitor, a red one that said “No”, a green one that said “Yes”. Tak’s ship was crawling out after him, spearing the ground with it’s pod-claws, it’s mechanical wires stuck into the garage’s power generator, the thing had been charging for quite some time.

It involved a troll.

An adaptation of the Invader Zim series, including all the unaired and partially-made episodes as I could find. Door To Door B: Day of Da Spookies You’re getting chunks of divship in the food! Just In All Stories: It hurt so bad! Must erase personality programming!

Gaz walked off and Dib rolled his eyes as he began to type into the control panel. Dib turned to the ship’s controls.