Arya seemed so cold and lifeless in Dragonstone… I do think they are mixing the characters, and at the end of S6 I was worried she had lost her sense of humanity in her quest for revenge. Rulers should demand frankness and criticism from their advisors, not comfort or reassurance. Also, the manner in which he breached the topic of the Battle of the Bastards was not quite friendly: Perhaps it goes back to what Tyrion said; Let me give you some advice bastard. So sorry to hear, Catspaw and Connor! I loved the love scene between Greyworm and Missandei.

I knew as soon as they showed the guy getting his teeth yanked out that Theon was going to jump. Arya comparing pie baking techniques with Hot Pie? Yes its the iron islands, but that takes a hell of a long longer than wood. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. It is not so much the bastard name that has troubled Jon, it is the exclusion from his family, or the idea of not being worthy enough to be a Stark. And who is Jon going to end up with if not Sansa, and vice versa?

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She is solely responsible for crowning Jon and has always been vocally and decisively supportive. You are not the show, it is not your identity. But my real worry is for Sam. I wish he did, because obviously the man is going to be a big part of the end game.

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I think I see what they mean by the season going fast — unfortunately so fast that some of the writing does have holes. The other Stark sister tells Lannister soldiers she plans to kill Cercie. I am aware of the actors that stated this season was different.

To hell with him. Okay I just rewatched and I thought Yara was alive, but if so, who is hanging under Obara on the prow of the ship? He was still rubbing his neck with a pained expression as he stared at Sansa. Varys was wise to say so, and for the very first time that I remember, he actually got angry and a bit yojr at her questioning. Egire there are countless television shows with lower budgets that are written far better than Game of Thrones has been for the last several seasons.


Who told you to put a balm on? Even some of the actors said this season feels like a different show. Good enough for me. Jon is leaving, his goal is to manipulate Sansa. As far as she knew, he was still at the Iron Islands, or over in Essos finding out that Dany had already left.

What a dumb asss. Yeah that was my thought when I saw that. I am sad about that.

And so on and so forth, until he found something that made Jon murderous. Conversely, I think it is clear that Jaimie will be forced to raid the reach for supplies in order to field the army he already has. The back-and-forth between Dany and Seaspn was excellent.

Which is funny because Maisy is going to be part of that universe too.

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Sorry, I was talking out my ass! I like the parallels between them as rulers.

Euron is crazy and badass at the same time lol. They kept the realm together, and save for the Greyjoy rebellion, those jour years were pretty freaking good.

How about Samwell and his back alley clinic, Scabs R Us…he rolled into that room like a boss with his little cart of horrors. Sir Francis Drake would be proud. The Dany and Varys scene was well written and very neccesary in my opinion. I imagine they are winging some, collaborating with Martin on some, and also being asked to hold some back from Martin. Yes, he helped Sansa escape.


For example, take Dragonstone.

Jon is on his way to Dany! E15 Eqla3 Translation Group.

Three Kingsguard, including the best one by far, Arthur Dayne were protecting him with their lives. I might have teared up.

I do think they are mixing the characters, and at the end of S6 I was worried she had lost her sense of humanity in her quest for revenge. Obara was lifted in the air impaled on a spear which may have been hers? OMG…… Two of the three, right?

Much better to wait a few hours and watch on demand. Crossing my fingers there are no flat-out ridiculous action scenes or character motivations lost in translation. It was a nice scene. They shot for an even longer period of time than they normally would on a regular sized season. Fans like you make me laugh. Lots to like but too many missed opportunities.

Was so sad and disappointed when Nymeria turned away. Made me think of that naval ship that got run into by a container ship?

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I also liked the way that Hot Pie told about the Battle of the Bastards to Arya without mentioning the essential support of the Lords of seasin Vale. JaredWonderful analysis. If Nymeria had gone along with Arya, it would have been a little too trite.