Myunghwan sees his chance to push. Or does she act out of love? We get to see more examples of how Confucian ideology affected life in the Joseon period. Again the doctor speaks the Joseon language and he greets Jinyung she studied with him when she came here years ago and taught him to speak the Joseon language. December 23, August 7, dramasrok Horse Doctor , sageuk. I was annoyed with her here. Everywhere he goes he manages to bump into someone with a strange illness.

He asks in all the local pharmacies but no one has heard of the name. Heo Jun episode 11 Dr Heo Jun? Kwanghyun takes her pulse. And the power struggle. I look forward to the moment she realises who Kwanghyun is. His arm is bleeding and the princess rips her petticoat to bandage his wound. That took long enough!

And here, in just ONE episode he manages to perform two very unusual operations. December 23, August 7, dramasrok Horse Doctorsageuk. While Kwanghyun is unconscious the doctor treats his wound.

Kibae and Jabong pack their docttor and prepare to leave. This is the surgeon that Dr Ko told him to find!

Horse Doctor Episode 28

So they head for the capital. It was so powerful and made me angry!

But the king is too ill to stop the queen mother from interfering later on when she has Dr Ko physically removed from the royal chamber and Myunghwan reinstated! Kwanghyun takes her pulse. Myunghwan steps back in shock.

It looks like the princess is growing up. Myunghwan is furious and goes to his office and throws a wobbler. But Dr Ko is allowed to take over and begins with a very shaky hand. The governor tells them that his daughter has a mysterious illness. Meanwhile Eunso hears that Kwanghyun has been spotted in Qing.

Horse Doctor Episode 29

Myunghwan arrives with his entourage in the capital of Qing to treat the royal patient. But then she stops as though she senses something is wrong. It seems he has pretended to everyone including Jinyung and Sungha and Inju that he wanted to help Kwanghyun, but really he was planning to have him murdered all along! Kwanghyun finds Dr Ko collapsed on the floor The king recovers and when the princess sees Kwanghyun she dochor to rush over and hug him in front of everyone — how cute — but Lady Kwak stops her.


He takes a pedigree horse as a gift from the governor.

Horse Doctor Episode 20 – dramasROK

The Qing official is very grateful to Kwanghyun who now looks rather pleased with himself. November 29, August 7, dramasrok Horse Doctorsageuk. Meanwhile a nurse screams when a patient starts convulsing. Or does she act out of love? Myunghwan is pleased that the hospital is in chaos and tells Lord Jung that Dr Ko will not survive much longer in his position. We get a reminder in this episode of what Myunghwan is capable of when pushed to the limits.

This episode feels like the calm before the storm. Everyone is upset including the king.

But suddenly she is swooning over Sungha. Sungha visits Kwanghyun in prison with the news that they are figuring out a way to save his life.

But anyway, I look forward to her next meeting with Kwanghyun, the yangban! December 28, August 7, dramasrok Horse Doctorsageuk.

Everyone seems to look better out of Joseon! Kwanghyun passionately tries to explain to the queen mother who is not looking convinced that the king really is getting better and that his medicine is working. Dr Ko is brought a meal while he gets ready to treat the king. Myunghwan is shocked thinking he has come to beg for his job back! The doctor sets up an illegal clinic in the market While Kwanghyun is unconscious the doctor treats his wound.

That took long enough! Then Jinyung hears that the queen mother is refusing to be operated on so she hurries to see her. She had no choice really.


We get to see dtamasrok examples of how Confucian ideology affected life in the Joseon period. He is trusting in him to make him better. Myunghwan persuades the king that the new clinic is for the best Jinyung is back at the palace and on her way to see the king when she bumps into the princess at the royal stables. Finally Kwanghyun and Jinyung drxmasrok that they were childhood friends.

And because of him they are not as close friends as they used to be either. April 23, August 7, dramasrok Horse Doctorsageuk. He merely episodf out the facts — everyone hates him because he is different from them and always will be. They are in town and busy looking for a restaurant.

He knows from treating the cow with gall stones that when the poo turns from grey to green this draamasrok the patient is getting better — the stone is disintegrating. He has a son. Her guard drops and she almost shouts out in protest. I know I am very late on this drxmasrok but I was catching up with some legal research I had to do for my Internship.

He must mean that Inju has refused to give up the proof. She gets the princess on board and together they try to persuade the queen mother to trust him — but the queen mother has already sent a messenger to put Myunghwan in charge.