Initially Shri hides it from Janhavi that he belongs to a very rich family to maintain the simplicity of their relationship. She also brings Shri’s estranged uncle and father back home. The serial ends with the entire family naming the baby “Krishna”. His mother is trying to hook him up with a rich family, whereas he has fallen for a girl at his office. ABP Majha in Marathi. The show completed more than episodes [6] and concluded on 24 January

She also brings Shri’s estranged uncle and father back home. Shree advises him to run away and get married. Before marriage, Shri’s grandmother has misunderstandings about Janhavi, especially given her mother’s greedy nature. Pintya gets married to Sunita against his mother’s will. Will Sambhaji Capture Bhuranpur? Tula Pahate Re 8: This page was last edited on 30 December , at

She is in the risk of losing her baby.

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Baby apologizes and returns to her husband. The show won a total 11 awards in various categories at this award function. Janhavi’s brother – Pintya – gets in a pandemonium from Kishore his boss.

Vikrant refuses to change the company’s clause for Mr. Maharashtracha Favourite Kon Performances: The women in house get worried about Shree and decide to do his second marriage lats Janhavi as they do not know that Janhavi has not done anything and she is pregnant. Interact With Zee Marathi. Vikrant unveils his new move to earn Isha’s trust.


Honaar Soon Mee Hyaa Gharchi

Mazya Navryachi Bayko Radhika, who belongs to Nagpur, is possessive about her husband and suspects that her husband’s colleague is attracted…. But Janhavi does not know. Tula Sum Re 4: On the other hand, Janhavi thinks she can try and explain the situation to her vicious step-mum. Pintya’s dad agrees with Shree’s opinion. Radhika agrees to come face-to-face with Shanaya on the show. But as they both fall in love with each other, he reveals it to her.

Views Read Edit View history. Kaviraj Brings News For Sambhaji. But she still moves back to Shri’s home upon knowing the fact. If he doesn’t listen, he would kill his dad and Shri.

Janhavi gives birth to a baby girl while Shree adopts another child from an orphanage. Mazya Navryachi Bayko 5: She also arranges her alliance with an aged man called Anil Apte. laxt

After marriage, Janhavi wins everyone’s hearts with her caring nature. Shanaya makes a new discovery. Aaaisaheb disturbed seeing Isha’s report card. Janhavi, expecting a baby, sobbing over and over again.


Pradyumna’s friend is revealed to be Devendra, Baby Aatya’s estranged husband. The other family members return.

They find a bride for Shree. Marathi-language television programs Indian television series Indian television series debuts.

Janhavi regains her memory after living with the Gokhale family for a while. Janhavi often tries to stop Shree to tell him truth but she can’t. Myra intervenes Isha’s presentation. Lagira Jhala Ghardhi 2: They meet on a bus-stop and develop a beautiful bond. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. However, she lives in Dharavi biggest slum in Asia.

Shashank Ketkar Tejashree Pradhan. His mother is trying to hook him up with a rich family, whereas he has fallen for a girl at his office. He tharchi a business “Gokhale Gruha Udyog” which his grandmother had set up. Tula Pahate Re 2: