Hanakagami no Fantasia Ao Oni: Satomi calls Osaki to come and get him some clothes and bandages, while also being visited by Genpachi and Kobungo. Five years later, the family of three now lives under the watchful eye of the small Imperial Church in a nearby village. Shino appears and reveals Murasame as a sword, calling Kohaku an “angel from a picture book,” rather than the monster she saw herself as. He wonders back in the present day on how he is still alive. Murasame starts activating due to the wound that Shino sustained earlier and quickly transforms into its monster like state. She sends her servants to attack them tiring them. When the Church realizes that Shino will not come quietly with them, Hamaji is kidnapped, which results in Shino and Sosuke traveling to the Imperial City to rescue her.

Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju Hetalia: Just click play button enjoy show. Satomi calls Osaki to come and get him some clothes and bandages, while also being visited by Genpachi and Kobungo. While on the mountain, Shino’s and Sousuke’s beads begin to glow. Episode 13 Episode 12 Episode 11 Episode Edit Background No background information has been added to this title.

Hakkenden: Touhou Hakken Ibun Season 2 Subtitle Indonesia (Batch)

The man threatens to kill the both of them and Kohaku tries to stop him. As Sosuke’s condition worsens, Shino and the others head for the Old Church after learning of Ao’s business there. A “beautiful woman” appeared before them and showed the villagers the way back to the village, where they died of an unknown illness.

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Lum the Forever Patlabor: Kohaku is sent into a room with another man and just as they begin to argue, Shino comes along. Due to Shino’s strong wishes, Sosuke wakes up from his comatose state therefore stopping the Ritual. Daikaku doesn’t know anything about the figure, but he is able to tell the story of his cat, who had originally owned the mysterious ball. Shino and Sousuke arrive at the mansion where Hamaji is being kept and they discover that Satomi also resides there.


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Satomi stops Shino from leaving, revealing that Murasame has still not completely recovered. The person that Asakeno is looking for appears to look exactly like Sousuke. After watched feel free rate, takuma Hirose, words, fanart, megumi hayashibara Plot Summary mysteriously enough. At that point, all the Eight Bead Holders have arrived and she takes away all eight bead holders’ powers to begin her ritual to fuse with Fusehime.

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After the battle, they all go back to the city to rest and soon, go through their normal routines until Shino discovers that Ao still has Sosuke’s bead and thus, his quest to get all the beads is still not finished.

They decide to stay there for a while. Shino is forced to teach children how to read and write at the church, where he is shunned by most of the children. In an attempt to become friends, Hamaji sends Shino to the other side with a basket of flowers, to which he angers Mizuki Ayane’s guardian god, Hibiki.

Retrieved 16 January Shinobu is taken away by the Tengu which live in the mountains. After discovering that Shino and his group had managed to come out of the mountain alive, hakke villagers force Shino to bring them onto the mountain for gold.

Back at the inn, Sousuke leaves for a walk as Satomi arrives bakken his spirit beast. Sousuke and the “other” Sousuke, Ao, fight, with Shino desperately trying to stop them. He suggests curry and cheese buns, which the owner thinks of as a great idea.


The boy falls off a Sakura tree, because his constant begging for blooms had begun to take its toll on the forest. The next day, Hamaji’s roommate mentioned about how great Hamaji’s friends are and then gave an excused to go back to the room.

Hakkenden: Touhou Hakken Ibun S2 (1-24) END Subtitle Indonesia

The opening theme song for the first season is called “God FATE” and is performed by Faylanwhile the ending theme song is called “String of pain” and is sung by Tetsuya Kakihara.

When Daikaku sees Satomi carrying Shino, he suddenly get the image seaason the doll’s face and goes back to haakkenden it. Apparently six villagers were visiting Perquisite Mountain in search of a new water sorce, but become lost. Eight Dogs of the East.

Hakkenden: Touhou Hakken Ibun Season 2 Subtitle Indonesia (Batch) – Kurogaze

Shino realizes that she is blind and discusses it with Sousuke. Joined by Genpachi and Sousuke, they watch in amazement as the boy turns into an orange cat. The next day, she wakes up in a blood-stained room and news about the mysterious death of one of the Zuikou Mansion workers spreads. Shino shows interest in an incident that was reported in the newspaper. The four of them start to talk about themselves, which compels Ayane to befriend Hamaji.

Unlimited Blade Works Hetalia: Genpachi plays along and turns into his demon form, planning on eating the cat. He wonders back in the present day on how he is still alive.