Return, leaving the fox and chicken seed on the far bank. During post production the stories have changed in part or whole half a dozen times. Grant made the decision that he was going to go for it — and he made the same-day edits, he answered our tweet for a P. June 12, at 5: People on the crew completely changed their jobs and pursuits when they got back. Grant works his ass off. I am a big fan of yours for the quality of your work, your positive energy, enthusiasm and willingness to share.

Just what I need to keep putting one foot in front of the other towards my dreams. And would you say it has been an enjoyable process for you? Grant not many people would want to work so hard, be willing to take that leap of faith, and sacrifice as much as you have in this pursuit. Many parts of the movie are an absolute blast to work on — and others are too stressful to be enjoyable in the moment. He looks at them every day through FaceTime with his ultimate dream in mind: And the more we spoke with people across the country, the more we realized how universal a problem this is.

Grant, self-procalimed doer of freaky things, was living in Ohio at the time — about eight hours away. Pledge to back the Kickstarter Campaign and get fun rewards from us.

Congrats on your recent achievements, Grant! July 21, at 6: Grant has made and is continuing to make incredible sacrifices every single day in pursuit of his dreams. We miss you immensely but are very proud of you and your mobie.


I’m Fine, Thanks. An Interview with Adam Baker.

Himself – Producer Joe Commodore I came back with good shots which helped me to build confidence. Now check your email to confirm your subscription. Or will the movie end up closely resembling what you originally pictured? That helped more grany anything. And enjoyed my opportunity last March to share with him my grnat of downsizing, minimizing, and realizing the endless pursuit of possessions is no way to enjoy life.

People on the crew completely changed their jobs and pursuits when they got back. Great trailer and glad to help back it.

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It was an intimidating task for him, and it continues to be — because he lives every day with the intention of being better tomorrow.

They WILL get enough funding!! We want to be that swift kick in the butt to get people started! The learning would come from the experience.

Lastly, you can reach out to me personally anytime. We leave Sunday morning.

Just purchased and watched the video. His dream was to highlight the stories of a number of people moie had broken free from the typical pursuit of the American Dream. How much have you guys committed to this project?

First-time director and Wilmington native Grant Peelle narrates the film from the perspective of a fledgling filmmaker acting on his long-held passion to make movies. He grabbed the tripod, and he just figured it out.


Hustlin’ Your Way To The Top: The Legend of Grant Peelle

This would lay the framework for the rest of the day, as he encountered about a million requests for pieces of gear that he had never touched before in his life. The riddle goes as follows: And he was the best damn P. During post production the stories have changed in part peslle whole half a dozen times.

Get new posts delivered right to your inbox:. So when he calls, you answer. He offers fresh insight. Diego Escalante Urrelo says: It’s a collection of stories on Now, most of the crew and our families have moved out to San Francisco to finish the post production of the movie peellw two months out here.

Return, leaving the fox and chicken seed on the far bank. June 6, at 6: How long have you been working on it?

What are some of the most valuable, life-changing lessons you learned during your interviews?

I’m Fine, Thanks. An Interview with Adam Baker.

I hearby hand in my whine card and will keep doing my best to kick ass at this awesome opportunity. But rather than trying to make films with the goal of being accomplished in mind, he simply began doing the work he knew he had to do to be better tomorrow.

June 6, at 5: