Based on her character description, after she gets money and power, she tries to grasp whatever she wants. Perhaps I have seen way too many k-dramas somewhere around if you include unfinished ones and some movies.. It is also not fair to the legitimate sites that DO get legal licenses. KimYoonmi July 2, at When I saw her smile, forget all of my sadness! The unlikely love story between a crown prince and his eunuch.

My main gripe with the premiere is that it takes 35 minutes for something interesting to happen. Or else, it’s too late. Lol same here, falling on top of each other, once is forgivable but again and another on the preview?. My bummie deserves better. They said a really handsome guy like Kim Bum deserves better and should go out with his co-star Angelababy, who is so pretty and hot. Share this Rating Title: Anyway, thanks for all the hard work! Episode 6 by Helcat.

Has anyone ever watched a river speed up right before it reaches the waterfall? Thanks for the recaps. I dont know yet but I really want smthin to read. This stupid repetitive crap is so annoying. And maybe start the Cruel City. And grammer isnt you’re friend.

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Jo July 7, at You will receive a link to create a new password via email. I don’t like MGY, so I guess my choice was already made even before the dramas premiered.

Here we are complaining of one — yet glorifying the other? If you’re at that level already and still think this way, then I can’t golddrama you seriously. And as for the Royal Ceramist.

Though I kinda feel burned with all these women artists portrayed in history as being stronger without the men as if by tone that means they were somehow super feminist and stronger. Ever since Gwanghaegun got more screen time and Tae Do less, and yes, that is an irrefutable correlation in my book. I feel like crying because of how anger i am. Eventually, he will be the leading actor for his next dramas. Mmmh, Goddess of Fire seems sort of interesting, as I must admit I am a big fan of romantic saguek dramas more romance and a little less pottery stuff though would have possibly been better but at the same time it does come across as a little samey.


So what if people are sucker for Sageuk, I’m and what is a average sageuk to you?? And she did the labor to create art.

Start your free trial. Dae Jang Geum contradicts that statement.

Is it an artistic portrayal or symbol of some kind, like is it a Frida Kahlo kind of thing. She seem to be jealous since they were young. We eisode have even that here. I’m not a fan of Go Soo but I have feeling I’m going to love him in this show.

EoG seems to be more sort of my thing I like talky dramas.


You have to be diverse to be a fiction writer. They’re all basically the same thing. Edit Details Official Sites: I love a good cire or an epic but this is just bad writing. Episodes by LollyPip.

I have to wait for Goddess to be fully subbed before I can watch it. You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too! It kind of fascinates me, how clueless and misguided on some things this site can be and a lot of people still repeat those same opinions on their blogs all the time. But come on everyone knows she has a pure and generous heart, that she wants others to succeed as well as her. Just finished watching ep 2 and it’s the same. Cast – Goddess of Fire.

Mystisith July 2, at As a foreigner who loves Kdramas, i learnt that not everyone will like the ending because of difference anticipations and opinions. I’m more interested in her relationship with the hero than the leading lady.


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Windsun33 July 2, at I feel bad godfess not so ”pretty” actresses, it is really hard to gain or do main roles with people putting them down, but when it is an actor, that isn’t that handsome but have goosdrama acting everyone accepts him, and even find ”charms” about him to make it up. I am seriously sick and tired of these phony “Historical Royal Romance” themes partly because they gloss over so much of the bad things about those eras, like how truly crappy women were treated.

The key things we need to know about our heroine: When asked how she knew about the alternative clay, she explained she learned it from her father Eul Dam. It is interesting to learn some of the facts you mentioned. I hope the drama doesn’t intertwine the past and present – that way, I can just skip through godsess the boring crap and get to the real meat of the story because who wants to waste their time on something they find boring?

I wonder the same thing too? This is my first time watching a show that depicts a confusing personality of each character even the hero or heroine.