Victor was falling into something more serious than he ever imagined, and I didn’t know why or how. I liked it, if you didn’t that’s ok. Everything is brash and bloated including the word-count , but you can’t complain; it’s meant to be like that. Glamorama is a twisted, disgusting, brilliant parody of all that was the earlys. I keep on looking over my shoulder, and speaking like Victor, and saying “baby” a lot, and having a general sense of paranoia and pervasive fear. However, I will admit that this did make me a tad interested to see what would turn up. I don’t understand the confetti, I don’t understand the camera crews or the many, many scripts – but am I supposed to?

Victor Ward is a model, unsympathetic and shallow but represents everything about 90s minimalism and desensitisation. As we get used to the fuss of Victor’s New York life, it dawns on us that he is being more or less permanently filmed partly to create a form of soapy entertainment, partly to provide him and his pals with some thoughts about what a settled character might be like. That I actually found rather unnecessary, if well done. He’s risen to a level of fame and fortune; at the beginning of the novel, he’s opening an extremely chic nightclub that promises to garner a large celebrity turnout. It expands upon the minimally detailed and rapidly recapped story told by Victor Ward, portrayed by Kip Pardue , upon his return to the United States after having travelled extensively around Europe. Ellis never shies away from detailing the carnage that ensues from deadly explosions in a crowded Paris cafe, or a train, or a in flight. And it’s not because it’s boring, or shallow, or intensely materialistic.

And literally, Glamorama does. KirkusReviews – Glamorama Kirkus Reviews tend to be brief, only two or three paragraphs long. I’ll keep you posted.

Well you made it to the end, right? Published March 21st by Vintage first published Glamorama stars Victor, the mostly absent Europe-roaming boyfriend of Lauren’s in The Rules of Attractionas a somewhat vapid and completely solipsistic fashion model. Who would watch a film this dull anyway? It’s all about being seen and photographed with the right people. Set in 90s Manhattan, Victor Ward, a model with perfect abs and all the right friends, is seen and photographed everywhere, even in places he hasn’t been and with people he doesn’t know.


With the same deft satire and savage wit he has brought to his other fiction, Bret Ellis gets beyond the facade and introduces us, unsparingly, to what we always feared was behind it.

Glamorama by Bret Easton Ellis

Replace all the descriptions of brands and bands in American psycho with Models and Hollywood, glamorwma a lot of namedropping; replace pornographic descriptions of sex with pornographic descriptions of sex, music in background with music in background, violence with terrorism. In speech, his writing demonstrates the ways in which his characters, too, have internalized the language of consumerist advertising and marketing.

Follow Us on Facebook. I’ve read comic books with more culture than this trash! Bret Easton Ellis is my literary hero but I don’t really recommend him to anyone. The importance rests on celebrity names – the only important this is where you are seen and nook you are seen with. A Novel from Amazon. Do these plastic explosives match my Armani? A more popular book may have dozens of reviews.

Maybe its the fact that I’m sixteen, maybe it’s that the first half was so banal, so utterly ridiculous, such an anesthetic to the violence splayed out on the pages I’m reading now.

The second third starts getting interesting as Victor realises he is synppsis something bigger than he can understand, yet it is still shadowed under the saturation of celebrity culture glamorams he is obsessed with.

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The references to the “camera” and “director” make me wonder if the whole thing was just happening on the set of a movie. To say nothing of the fact that years of dedication to the writing of this to me demonstrates an unironic interest in this culture, nullifying anything vaguely satirising it would have to say. To view it, click here. I also secretly enjoy World Weekly News, which could arguably, at times, be a better read than this novel.

Please, pleaseexcuse my bok, but I don’t think I was ready to read this book.

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Just a synoosis while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I loved Glamorama more than American Psycho, in a way, but this one was overdone. Jul 27, Patrick rated it it was amazing Shelves: And it was so eerie, and pointless, and offsetting the altered photograph, Marina’s disappearance, the teeth, the blood, the family friends I need to know!


I wanted to put it down after page 60, but I was reading this with a book club, so I decided to attempt to stick with it. Such a book is Glamorama. The bad jokes, g,amorama good jokes, the proper names and the brand names, the cartoon clubbers and the cut-out media people they all swirl together ceaselessly, giving the impression of Manhattan as a place that thinks it’s ahead of the rest of humanity, but in reality has sheared off at a demented angle. And I know that in books not all characters are supposed to be likeable–hell The Great Gatsby is full of unlikeable people.

A Novel from BookRags. This is the only Bret Easton Ellis book bbook a plot; his longest work so far, and definitely the hardest book in terms of difficulty to read. He just thinks a camera crew is following synopais everywhere sprinkling confetti all about. Pure disgust for humanity, in every single sentence. The literary world is all too kind about science violations. Damien breaks up with Allison and leaves for Miami with Lauren. Sites with a short overview, synopsis, book report, or summary of Glamorama by Bret Easton Ellis.

Models in the novel act as a synecdoche of the larger culture. I don’t mind the content which – a relentlessly dull litany of petty pretty people and their petty concerns – still could be an enjoyable confection if mixed right. Dar televizorul e negru. Part 5, Chapterspgs. This was what decided friends. Books by Bret Easton Ellis. Works by Bret Easton Ellis. John Glmaorama meets Bret Easton Ellis”. In regard to expanding upon those events, the film acts as a connecting bridge between The Rules of Attraction and the boo, film adaptation set to be directed by Avary.

Mountain and stars become the symbol of Victor’s rediscovered sense of reality. Now let me compare American Psycho and Glamorama.