Retrieved October 25, GAC head to Yuma to investigate the Yuma Territorial Prison , which earned the name Hell Hole due to the intense heat of the location and inhumane punishments dealt to the inmates, such as locking them in the Snake Den. Liberty, Missouri , US. Formerly an old folks’ home, hospital and orphanage, with over 10, reported deaths, they investigate these buildings along with an old bunker. GAC travel to Greenfield, Indiana , the rural part of the Indianapolis metropolitan area to investigate claims of demonic hauntings and the dark energies that has overrun the former Eastes family farm which is now used as a haunted attraction called Black Moon Manor. Built by Francis Sorrel in for his wife Matilda who later committed suicide by jumping off the balcony after finding him having an affair with their slave Molly.

Retrieved December 6, Formerly an old folks’ home, hospital and orphanage, with over 10, reported deaths, they investigate these buildings along with an old bunker. Featuring the scariest Ghost Adventures episodes filmed in the most haunted locations, this list has it all! The owner is affected by negative spirits, including a ghost called “The Judge”. You may watch it in YouTube. Zak, Nick and Aaron are back in their home state of Nevada when they visit Pioche, an s silver-mining town that is one of the most violent Wild West towns in America.

From their headquarters in Las Vegas, NevadaZak, Nick, and Aaron present some of the best evidence captured in previous episodes.

Ghost Adventures S08E03 Tuolumne Hospital

Nick and his family attended the funeral the day of the investigation although he was still able to participate in the lockdown. Eposode, Nick and Aaron remember their daventures lockdowns that focus on ghosts and spirits with strong attachments to the people or places they left behind. Later, Zak and Aaron head to Smithtown on Long Island to visit Katie’s Bar formerly the Smithtown Hotel that burned down in where glasses have been recorded by security cameras mysteriously flying off shelves.


During the lockdown, Jay and an interviewee are marked with strange symbols behind their ears. Mokelumne Hill, CaliforniaUS. Zak and the crew head to a former mining camp in Eureka, Utah, to investigate several haunted buildings. Whilst in the Eastern European country, they split up and investigate three different locations.

Zak and the crew continue their exploration of Vicksburg, MS, by investigating a demonic presence at a hair salon that was hit by cannon fire during the Civil War. The guys watch in awe as they glimpse a misty figure by the tower. Portland, OregonUS. The guys visit the infamous Mustang Rancha legal brothel near Reno, Nevada to investigate claims of an angry male spirit sexually attacking the female employees.

First, the Argonaut, which was the site of a fire that killed 47 adventues. College football and ‘Family Guy’ on top”.

Retrieved November 14, Retrieved November 30, Lake Arrowhead, CaliforniaUS. In the second season premiere, the crew heads to Ione, Californiato investigate Preston Castlea former reformatory school. The GAC showcase the most disturbing prisons and detention centers in the country. Once the most luxurious ship at sea, the Queen Mary is now considered one of the most haunted places on earth.

Guests of the bar enjoy their spirits completely unaware Letchworth Village Ghost Adventures – Season 5 This week, the Ghost Adventures Crew head to New York’s Letchworth Village, a former residential community for the developmentally disabled, closed after it was revealed that the patients and In addition with a slew of disturbing energies and capture a horrifying EVP.

Featuring the scariest Ghost Adventures episodes filmed in the most haunted locations, this list has it all!

They also pay a visit to one of the tjolumne haunted burial grounds in the world, Bachelor’s Grove Cemeterylocated 45 minutes outside of Chicago.

Anthony, ID, to investigate a former school with a dark history of suicide and death. Aaron is left to fend for himself after being locked up there alone, but suffers a panic attack. The guys investigate the claims of violent hauntings and the suicide of a episoed who hanged himself in the tower when the castle was a Jesuit monastery.


Then, Bagans ups the fear factor with the arrival of the famously haunted doll, Annabellewho comes with very strict rules: The show is introduced and narrated by Bagans. Jackson, CaliforniaUS. Bospital lockdown is split into two, as Zak and Aaron investigate the saloon and Nick and Billy investigate the nearby abandoned Belle Mine, where many miners were killed when it collapsed.

For the second day of their lockdown, Zak and Aaron investigate the Fairmont Hotel, a former brothelwhere Jack McCall is believed to haunt after he stayed in the hotel prior to his murder of Wild Bill Hickok, and Billy, Jay, and Bill Chappell investigate the Adams House, where it is believed to be haunted by the Adams family after a string of unexpected deaths in the family.

With a history of hangings, murders, advenntures and suicides, these facilities have turned into spiritual battlegrounds.

Ghost Adventures S 8 Ep 3- Tuolumne General Hospital – video dailymotion

Retrieved September 27, Zak, Nick, and Aaron head to New Castle, Pennsylvaniato investigate the Hill View Manor, built originally as a poor farm to house the mentally ill and homeless. Cincinnati, OhioUS. Zak, Nick, and Aaron help Gary Galka, the man who designs and builds GAC’s paranormal equipment, and his family find closure 7 years after the tragic loss of their young daughter, Melissa who was killed in a car accident when her car ran into a tree while driving home from a party in the middle of the night on a local road Silver Street in Granby, Connecticut.

Oakdale, CaliforniaUS. During the lockdown, the guys witness camera batteries inexplicably explode and fizzle acid. Mother of three pups. Gardner, MassachusettsUS.