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George Harrison’s widow moves the nation to tears with her grief | Celebrity News | Showbiz and television

Oliva Harrison, 74, delivered a poignant section of poetry to the audience on Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour from a book of poems she wrote to mark 20 years since her death.

She said she wanted to release the book, titled “Came the Lightening,” to celebrate her late husband’s life and give fans a taste of “the man and his humanity.”

The couple met in 1974 after Olivia was recruited to work for guitarists’ label Dark Horse and flew to Los Angeles to tour America.

She was 26 and he was 31 and by the end of the tour they were inseparable.

Oliva left Los Angeles and moved into the beautiful Victorian Gothic Revival mansion Friar Park which she still calls her home in Henley-on-Thames and where she wrote her poems.

She told the show, “It just bubbled up. Emotions, but especially the emotion of grief, strike whenever it feels like it and I just had a 20-year moment – how could that be possible.

“I just wrote something and thought ‘if I keep writing I’ll get one for every year’.

Recalling the legendary musicians, she added: “George was a real good guy, he was a sweetheart and I wanted to send something out there in this 20th year because I know how much people still think of him and listen. his music.

“It’s kind of scary. People know a lot about George from his music, but I wanted them to know what he was like as a person. Little things – I wrote about his body, about very intimate moments. I just wanted people to know a little more about the man and his humanity.

The poem Another Spring recounts her devastation at the loss of George, who died of lung cancer in 2001 at the age of 58.

He begins: “All I wanted was another spring. I thought it would be granted and we would see another April day.