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Gemma Collins reveals unique baby name for unborn child | Celebrity News | Showbiz and television

Reality star Gemma Collins, 40, who is trying for a baby with boyfriend Rami Hawash, got the idea from a listener on her podcast The Gemma Collins, after asking listeners to suggest names for a “spectacular” life-size giraffe lamp she bought for her living room.

Gemma’s favorite name was suggested by a fan called Jordan who said: “I think you should name your new lamp Gevita the Giraffe, a fusion of your name and Evita which was played by your beloved Madonna .”

The TOWIE star went on to say that Madonna is indeed his “beloved” and that Rami’s shared love for the superstar actually brought them together.

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Gemma has previously said she loves the name Blossom after becoming “in tune with nature” during lockdown. She also said she planned to give birth in a forest.

She said: “Me and Mother Nature are one as I hope to get pregnant soon.

“Maybe I should find a place in the forest where I can give birth to my Mother Nature’s child.

“I might even call it Blossom. The Japanese Flowering Tree.

Gemma has been very open about her desire to become a mum and previously revealed she was considering IVF after struggling to conceive naturally.

In a previous podcast episode, she said: “I really want a baby now. I’m not using any contraception. I can’t get pregnant so I’m going to have to be brave now and look into this myself.

Gemma admitted that not being able to conceive naturally had put her off: “It’s like sometimes – when is that going to happen? Why me?”