May 8, author: Just bought a pair of GP4Seasons, but not fitted them yet. In the winter, the rural roads I ride get tree debris and gravel if it snows and this year, I thought I’d try 28mm tires. Discussion boards hosted by Cycling UK. Find More Posts by shelbyfv. It’s about time to set up the winter bike. I ride fat tires in the fall and winter mainly because of the leaves.

You do need to keep them well pumped up. Find More Posts by bigfred. GP 23, 25, 28, 32 Comparison. May 8, author: In the wet, the tires you are talking about are too narrow to hydroplane, if you are riding in snow you need REAL tread, and ice without studs is a challenge. Route Mapping with Distance and Elevation Mapping date: I think the 28s are better than the 25s, which are better than the 23s. Continental grandprix 4 seasons Commuting, Day rides, Audax, Incidents, etc.

Both deasons good for such thin tyres. Purely training tire, not for racing. Hopefully get a ride in. It is a bit early for me to judge them so am interested in other peoples experience with them.

What I can no longer find on the website or catalog is the difference in Rubber compounds. Last edited by Shimagnolo; at I’ve never heard of Ultra Gatorskins and before hitting the gatlrskins button the “ultra” part made me stop and think considering it’s a training tire. Race L Evo 3.


How do you rate them for grip and puncture protection compared with continental gatorskins? More from Bicycle Rolling Resistance. Grand Prix 4 Season. Started by richwampler Views: Compare all tires Comparison page with a complete overview of all road bike tires reviewed by Bicycle Rolling Resistance Road Bike Overview. Grand Prix Attack II. I have GP ‘s on race wheels and was looking for Gatorskins for training wheels.

Anyone have any 44 back on either of these tires?

Conti Gatorskins vs. 4 Seasons in 28mm

Performance starts with fueling, not training! Originally Posted by Shimagnolo. I wouldn’t hesistate to ride my Gatorskins on wet pavement.

Find More Posts by ct-vt-trekker. I was going to buy Gatorskins today and came across the best deal on these two but do not know anything about either.

I’m not an aggressive rider on wet pavement. Last edited by The utility cyclist on 4 Jan I don’t pump them up too hard. May 8, author: I run Gatorskins on one of my bikes; Beware that they have very poor grip on wet surfaces, so I would not use them in the winter.

The Gatorskin Hardshell is an improvement over the Gatorskin. Personally, I would by a thick, heavy, cheap tire from Nashbar or Performance for the winter. Rolling Resistance Test Results Speed: Gatorskins get greasy in temps near freezing. Second rear seems to have worn more than the first one I had.


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Find More Posts by headloss. I ride fat tires in the fall and winter mainly because of the leaves.

If you don’t flat often Lots of updates in this version! These are going on my Novara Strada bike, with fenders.

With that said, I would only ride them in the winter on dry days as any ice would be the end of me. Fueling the Ultra-Distance Athlete date: You do need to keep them well pumped up. Started by awol Views: Tubeless vs Latex vs Butyl Tubes. I’ve not noticed a difference in speed. I’d rather have the 4 seasons for bad weather spirited riding. Size and Weight Measurements Bike Wheel: Gatorskinns resistance is a little less, although both for me tend to get junked from sidewall damage not severe cuts.

GP4 Seasons are much better in that respect. Find More Posts by Long Tom. Nothing against the Gatorskins, and I have no personal experience with them